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Marriage Astrology

You can trust the astrology of marriage

 You can trust the astrology of marriage
The union between two loving souls is known as marriage and it is this marriage life which holds on two persons together in and within a bond forever and eventually makes them happy and prospers their life and satisfactions. It is in the hands of lady fortune for keeping a married life peaceful or situations are not less to turn the married life to hell. Marriage horoscope help a lot in determining the combinations of two positive partners and whether there would grow any tree of love and faith and trust. Marriage astrologer is no less in this country and abroad. Many have conceptions in dealing and consulting with them before taking a huge leap to build up their future with their life partners.
Ways for Prediction
Marriage prediction can be made by various ways and steps like the position of the various planets viz. the 2nd, 7th, 8th, and 9th lords residing the houses should be analyzed critically and speculated briefly and sophistically. The planet Mars play an important role in fixing marriage predictions as marriage astrology says that mars having various signs cannot harm if it is present in the 4th or in the 7th house, if Mars is present in movable signs and symbols then there no dashas or problem in it. It is further said that Mars situated in cancer or Capricorn replaces its dashas from it. Marriage horoscope fall to be true when the following signs are noticed: if the moon and the Venus has got their fruitful signs, if neither the moon nor Venus is further aspect by Saturn, if the Lord of Lagan resides in 10th and 11th house then these signs indicate a prosperous symbol whether the marriage in which two mortal lovers are going to get attached to is promised or not by the above mentioned expectancies.
Most of the people share cases in the courts where two blessed souls once united now gets divided due to difference in their mentality, thought processes etcetera. And sometimes people remain a virgin as they can’t get married to anyone and the marriage goes on getting delayed. The reasons for a delayed marriage are discussed below. A marriage life gets delayed if Saturn is placed either in 1,3,5,7 or 10 counted from the point of lagan and the signs of the moon, it’s also gets delayed when both Saturn and Mars resides in their own houses, it gets delayed if the moon and the Saturn comes together and joins or when then the Moon and the Saturn are squared by the influence of Jupiter. If the lagan of the sun and the Moon are under the aspect of the malefic then there is a chance of getting the marriage of a person or many people at once to get delayed.
Time of Marriage
The time of marriage plays an important role in marriage prediction. Marriage astrologer says that in case of girls or female soul mate, parents should always assess the Dashas, Bhkuti and also the Shook sham and from these the exact date of the marriage can hence be obtained. The time of marriage depends on the placement of the constellations in the night skies. In case of male, their birth chart should be properly assessed and check for any defaulters or any dashas or problems that can be cured in due course of time and hence obtain a perfect timing to unite the couple to make them a happy married couple ever long.
A happy married life can be thus obtained by future love marriage horoscope, referring to marriage astrologer. Marriage astrology helps couple to believe in their love towards his/her partner and thus helps to prove that marriage prediction does play an important role even in the societies of this 21st century.

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