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Why is Astrology not a Science

Astrology is one of oldest methods of future predictions. It became controversial for results and methods used which later on lead to the subject coming under clouds as per its scientific basis and calculations. In astrology, as many think there is no crude method to solve problems or predict future. There is solutions for problems of parents, siblings and inter caste marriage problems with help of astrology. Astrology can solve numerous deep rooted problems in relationship with remedies and solutions. Native is unlikely to support his future without astrology, and though specialist predictions could solve problems in own unique way. They would undertake to solve using rituals and guidance from astrology but the reading and reports are based on planetary influence, remedies using yagna and mantra. Therefore though astrology is considered a good medium for predictions though the basis of calculations cannot be the best evaluating criterion like other sciences.

Scientific conclusions from astrology calculations can lay native's life better by telling him clear picture of past, present and future predictions. These future predictions of love, career, and health are clear. Only required details are date of birth for creating horoscope.  This horoscope can then be used for reducing impacts of certain life events from understanding and becoming proactive by solving their matters.

Astrology uses a set of rules regarding relative positions and movements of heavenly bodies for predictions and explanations for events or human personality. These predictions could lead to expectations which are easily verified against outcomes. Since these are important, one might expect that if it really could explain scientist's use of zodiac signs then astrology predictions are favorable to science.

Some of ideas are not supporting the validity of astrological ideas. It has not changed its ideas in these situations. Many of the astrology predictions appear in newspapers but not in places where it could be scrutinized by scientific community. Sharing one's findings and critically evaluating the results of others are not integral parts of practicing astrology. An astrologer in entire career may not present findings at a scientific meeting or publish a single article.

With no documented case contributing to new scientific discovery, the subject's approach is difficult. Astrologers need not examine their astrological ideas. As reflected from a minimal level of research they would rarely test or retest arguments. In addition, the astrological community largely ignores evidence that contradicts its ideas. Therefore, many reasons exist to support the fact that it is not a science and that predictions and calculations do not have rich scientific basis and methodology with which to standardize the subject. Even with a lot of fur ore over the causable nature and presumable basis, there are a large amount of natives who seek astrology guidance and predictions for career and development of life in general. Astrology guidance is looking to be very positive as a subject though its scientific basis is clearly not there.

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