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Who is going to be next CM of Uttar Pradesh According to Astrology

Upon hearing the cheers for the CM's role in UP – everyone is waiting with bated breath to know the consequences. As per our best astrologers of India -Votes and election in UP and few other states in India are always depended on an equation. No matter who talks what? Promises the people a new world full of hopes, career, low budget, equality etc. Ultimately people selects the one who they feel is the real messiah!

Next CM of Uttar Pradesh according to astrology

It is difficult to predict who will be the next CM, since looking at the predictions of other state elections – the election results are trendless. We can just have a logical analysis studying the current behaviour of the ELECTION parties.  
UP comprises of the largest vote bank of the Dalits/OBC's and the Muslim community and are the decision community for the new CM.
Though the fight is between 3 major parties- Samajwadi party led by Jr Mr.  Akhilesh Yadav did have a strong ground initially but are in a rift now. Ever since Mr. Yadav Jr. refused to share the stage with the Muslim strongman turned politicians -the Dalits and Muslim community have somehow shown no interest for a Samajwadi party leader and hence the balance shifted. The only chance they can gain back is if they get the Dalits and Muslim community divide their votes between congress and  BJP.
The Bahujan Samaj Party is a case of probability and is in a dilemma state. They will only stand a chance if they get votes from the OBC/Dalits - but unpredictable, though. Post their win in 2007, they maintained the law and order consistently, however, due to an internal splitting of Dalit community, the votes are now likely to be for Congress and Bhartiya Janata  Party. It is likely to face the similar situation as 2014  elections. 
Congress party is a non-player, though they tried to the alley with BSP. They tried to be the supporter instead of being a leader. Shows they are not confident. But surprisingly the minority community seems to be inclined towards congress. 
Bhartiya Janata party has  a very frail chance of success- because they don't have a leader in BJP representing the Dalit.  BJP does not have a strong organizational hold to suit the likelihoods of SP and BSP.
So we have a mixed bag of two caste based parties and two national parties eyeing the CM seat. The last trend of election clearly shows that no party has been able to sweep the seat for two consecutive elections (even if the gap was merely 2 years).

The conclusion we can draw out of all discussion and astrological predictions are:

SP has a strong chance if the lower caste votes on his favour. Congress seems to have no entity in this election. Interestingly if Mayawati's party can pocket the Muslim, Dalit and OBC votes, she will be in a comfortable seat .
However,  Mr. Akhilesh Yadav's probability of becoming the next  CM is something we would like to bet upon.
The result now is quite unpredictable – Let the best party win!

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