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Gemini compatibility

Which zodiac sign is most compatible with Gemini

Gemini signs are the symbol of twins and highly compatible with signs Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. The least compatible signs with Gemini are Virgo and Pisces. Gemini natives have a dual nature. Gemini compatibility is marked with their adaptive, communicative and flexible ways.

Gemini natives expect more fun and even with passionate moments. In a relation, they get attracted by erotic activities, this way they get strengthened with meaning to relationship as well. Gemini compatibility builds with laughter though they are also enthusiastic with making love. They have deeper feelings and are prone to misunderstandings. Gemini compatibility with Leo is one of the many best relationships for love marriage and a perfect relation. They make for an affectionate pair, as they would love each other, when the Leo comes as eager and extrovert with high responsiveness. Gemini has penchant for ridicule which might annoy Leo. They both can try to upstage other in social relations, have fun together and set sparks off in bed. Gemini compatibility with Libra is also good, making the couple an interesting and attractive pair. Both the signs are passionate and make love often. Neither is jealous and their nature balance out any uneven features in relation. Marriage is pleasant for both the signs and they make a happy couple with lots of experimenting in sex.

Gemini compatibility with Aries is unlike others. Aries is excited with the hard-to-get and reluctant in settling down qualities of Gemini, and they both would make a fantastic couple. Excitement, action and variety are at the heart of this couple's relationship. The real thing is Gemini finding Aries spirit to make everything hot around. This relation is ranked real well as it can really better and workout, without any burnout. Gemini compatibility with Aquarius is another special one. With many similar personality traits and motivations, both the signs share an excellent rapport with one another. Aquarius and Gemini belong to air signs and keep experimenting with thoughts and ideas in intellectual pursuits. Both are emotionally self sufficient. In a mutual relation, both signs show distant emotions, leading to loyalty and commitment. Gemini shares thoughts and feelings with flexibility but not so for Aquarius.

Gemini compatibility with other signs like Leo, Aries and Aquarius hinges on sharing and following their traits while the compatibility is best with these signs, it needs proper nurturing. With Virgo and Pisces they have compatibility which is not the best. Both signs of Gemini and Pisces are "live & let live" type of natives; though Gemini is mentally stimulated the Piscean is intuitive, and driven from emotions. Gemini with Pisces needs to focus wholeheartedly in relation with less outside activity in time and thoughts. For Gemini with Pisces the Gemini compatibility needs to sustain and change with a clingy and possessive Pisces. With Virgo the Gemini compatibility needs to ascertain looks, and sharing as Virgo need more grounded and organized manner to things. If Gemini partner is willing to tolerate and nurture the couple could be having a long lasting relation to remember.

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