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When will marriage happen

 When will marriage happen? - Horoscope Astrologer
Before marriage there are a lot of issues to be taken care of and followed accordingly. But one the main thing is the timing of the marriage. In the Shashtra of Brihat Parashara Hora planetary combination is mentioned required for the age and time of marital. However in the BPHS the exact Dasa for giving marriage is not mentioned. It is quiet a difficult job to do marriage prediction and marriage horoscope. Here we are going to speak about the marriage astrology which is needed to be done before taking a step ahead in life.
There are a few verses mentioned in chapter 20 which is in the brihatsara parashara hora shashtra which are of importance. The general indicator considering wife in marriage horoscope is the Venus while for female horoscope the role is played by Jupiter.
Verse 22 
This Verse says that zodiac sign consisting auspicious planet by 7th Lord and if Venus is present in its native zodiac sign of a horoscope of Vedic astrology it will lead to an early marriage. Parashara sage has been said to specify the age of marriage as in 5th year or in the 9th year. In previous year marriage astrologer were widely available since most use to marry at an early age. So in present days marriage should be given as per the native style of the family. Both the karaka and the seventh lord must be taken care of for a wife i.e. if Venus is placed in a good position then timed or early marriage must be given. The placement of these planets changes with house therefore analyze needs to be made in the Navamsha chart.
Verse 23
In case of a Vedic Astrology horoscope if it is seen that the Sun is placed at the seventh place and along with it the seventh Lord is combined with Venus, marriage needs to be done either at 11th or 7th year. Due consideration should be given for placement of Sun in the seventh place or house since it does not prove to be auspicious in case of marriage.
Verse 24
The Verse states if the second house is being occupied by Venus and the eleventh house by the seventh Lord then probability for marriage takes place either in the 16th year or in the 10th year. This means that if the indicator for wife and marriage has gone to the house consisting of family (2nd house) and at the same moment the seventh Lord has gone to the house consisting if gains (11th house) then upon such arrangements of planet marriage prediction is conferred to be early.
Verse 25
The Verse is related to the lagna lord and Venus’s disposition in the Lagna chart. If the placement of Venus is in Kendra and if sign of the Saturn is in Lagna Lord then the probability of marriage is in the 11 year. The 1st, 4th, 7th and the 10th house are referred to as the Kendra Bhavans. This combination of planets makes a delay in marriage and so it happens in the 11th year.
Verse 26
The Verse says that in case of Vedic Astrology horoscope if the Venus is placed within Kendra Bhava and also having the 7th sign of Saturn marriage is possible in 19th or 12th year. If moon also comes along with Saturn then marriage takes in 18th. In case of ascertaining the time of marriage this verse provides good clues and is very important. The Saturn’s affect on Venus often leads to be the cause for delay in
Like this there are different Verses present which can provide marriage astrology by studying the planets and their position. Most of the marriage astrologers have gained knowledge from this verse and participate in fixing the marriage date and time.

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