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Vastu of Your work Place

Vastu of Your work Place

Career horoscope:Vastu of Your work Place  
Apply simple vastu tips and change your workstation into a power station of performance
No one can deny the fact that in any profession hard work and sincerity are the most important factors for success.  But the interesting fact is that as per the Vastu Shastra,  there is an importance of specific positioning for each profession. In fact, following some very simple Vastu tips about your workstation may prove to be quite helpful in making your profession or business grow manifold. So, if you are willing to channelized your efforts and efficiency to become successful and moving higher and higher in terms of performance and status both.
Creative Professionals
For some specific jobs you need a higher degree of focus, concentration and creative inclination.  Article writing, content writing, painting, interior designing are a few examples of such fields.  For these professionals, SouthWest or West-South is the best location for making their workstations. In addition, it will be helpful if you sit facing towards East, as this enhances the creativity and also concentration.
Marketing Professionals
Those who are working as marketing professionals, their workstations must be located in the South Vastu zones. They should be facing North, as it will enhance their value to their prospective clients and get more business and opportunities. In addition, it might help them more if they go in for maroon or brown color seats. This will help them  get maximum output from their business contacts.
Sales Professionals
East Vastu zone is the most suitable place for sales professionals for making their workstations. They should be facing west which will enable them  to generate more sales and revenues. In addition, they should use seats which are brown or blue in color so that they get the maximum benefit out of their professional contacts. To add to it, in the work station, they should have accessories in green color which may help them get new contacts of potential clients.
Senior Managers
Senior managers have a responsibility to decide the strategies, important plans and policies, aimed at the growth and betterment of the organization. Therefore, having their workstations in NorthEast Vastu zone may be beneficial for these professionals. Plus, these professionals be facing west while sitting, because this will aid them in making better plans and implementing them in an efficient and effective way.
The success of any organization depends upon the efficiency of its managers, as they are the ones who manage the organization by making policies and strategize and also implement them in order to make the organization grow and expand further. For these professionals, it will be helpful if they keep their workstations in the West Vastu zone. To add to this, such professionals must face east while sitting in their office, in order to get the positive energy and better focus.


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