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Second House and Money for Aries and Taurus

Second House and Money Career Astrology

Second House and Money  (Career  Astrology)
According to Vedic Astrology the 1st house indicates our experience of life dictated by the Ascendant. On the other hand the 2nd house is associated with how we survive. How we develop life as well as our independent entity is generally determined by the 2nd house. It also indicates the talents, assets, strength, value and resource. In order to build a good career and to maintain stability in it, all these aspects have to be developed properly. An astrologer mainly takes into account the 6th House and the 10th House, the Lords of the houses and the planets that reside in the Houses in order to predict the career. The 2nd house indicates what one must practice to realize the full strength and potential in one self. A planet in the 2nd House would indicate the assets and the values of the person and how he is likely to earn and spend money. Hence, your sign in the 2nd house will tell you what you must learn and do in order to have a good career and maintain it in that way. 
Aries as sign on second house: 
Aries is a sign with Pisces Ascendant. Hence if you are an Aries you must know how to deal with financial affairs and how to make money. As an Aries you must know how to be independent as far as your resources are concerned. As your sign denotes individualism, courage and action you will easily develop these characteristics in your persona. In fact, these traits are going to be your base for a good career. You can rely on yourself and your strengths for a good career. Courage is your asset and your intrinsic ability to create something new is going to push forward. Develop leadership in order to be successful in life. You have got courage and so it should not be a problem for you. You will develop a tendency to stay active for a longtime and you will not decline from hard work if it means good results. Industries like construction, architecture, mechanics and engineering have a good potential for recognizing your talent and strength and you can build a good career in these fields. Some other occupations like woolen industry, munitions manufacturing, fire-fighting, military and police can also have good prospects for you. 
Taurus as sign on second house: 
Taurus is a sign with Aries Ascendant. So, if you are Taurus and have Aries Ascendant you must know what it will take to build a successful career. Learning practical things as well as productive output can be the mantra for success. You may find it necessary to entrench in the materialistic attitude of the world in order to deliver what is being asked from you. You may find it difficult to persevere and so you have to make sure that you stick to a project as long as it is not finished. Producing results will be essential for your survival. You have got the gift of determination and so you have to utilize it in order to arrive at the desired goal. You have the ability to manage funds properly and you can work out with your money quite well. Hence you will find professions at brokerage houses, banks and financial institutions quite suitable. Your instincts will never fail you as far as financial strategies are concerned. You can also build a good career in fields like entertainment, music, painting and sculpture. 



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