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Prospective Career

Prospective Career from your Career horoscope Zodiac sign

Career is the professional road a person takes in his life to progress towards financial gain and job satisfaction. It relates to individual learning, experience and work. In this journey, there are many ups and downs and twist and turns that a person needs to handle with care yet enjoy tactfully. An individual’s life style, personality, attitude, knowledge – everything is judges via the profession he is into.
Every one wants a profession, where they are satisfied with the type of job they do and also the salary or wage they receive at the end. Extra allowances and perks are always welcome to any individual. The job should be such that after retirement, the person is able to smile and enjoy his remaining life and also be happy with the life he had lead till then and the work he had done till then.
Each job requires determination, hard work and perseverance. But this is not always enough. What accompanies them is a word called fate or luck. And this can be calculated only by the birth chart of a native. Again, it is true that the celestial bodies might define the path of success, but it definitely depends upon the individual who would walk that path to attain that success.
A brief of some career choice for prosperity and success will be as follows:
1.Career in Medical: 
According to astrology in India, the main houses related to Career Astrology are:
1st house indicates physical and mental aptitude and inclination.
4th house represents education.
5th /9th house denotes intelligence.
6th house indicates diseases.
8th house indicates life span and death.
9th house indicates higher education and specialisation.
10th house denotes professional growth or occupation.
11th house indicates gain and income.
2.Career in finance:

As per astrology in India, Mercury and Jupiter if in the 4th, 5th or 10th house, then the native is more prone to get a career in Finance
The 4th house is significant for education, the 5th house is seen for dealings with the public, and the 9th house indicates the possibilities of higher education. 6th house impresses the service sector where as the 10th  house works as the influential factor for a career in public sector. 
3.Career in Sports:
Astrology in India indicates that the 3rd house in the horoscope comprises of strength that is the primary criteria for a stable career in sports, whereas the 6th house in horoscope comprises the chances of victory in games, followed by a successful career in sports.
4.Career in acting:
The celestial positions of Saturn, Venus and Moon in Indian astrology horoscope are the determining factors. In addition to this, the strength and relationship aspects between 3rd, 7th and 12th houses of horoscope are also analyzed in order to conclude if career in movies will be suitable for the native or not.
5.Career in Politics:

According to Career astrology, the 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses are considered for politics but 10th house is the most significant one. The prosperity in particular career depends on the position of the lord of the 10th house.  If any planet in 10th house in exalted then it is easier for a person to connect himself to politics. 

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