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Love and Sex Secrets

Love and Sex Secrets

Love is something without which no one can live. According to the famous author Leo Tolstoy, “What men live by” is Love. It is found all over in and in every kind of relations. It is found in a mother son relation. It is found in a brother sister relation and of course in relation between two lovers. Generally people consider love as a relation between two same aged opposite gendered persons. This is the ultimate love. In the present, we can find such love birds all over. Many times we have seen that the relations get destroyed due to many reasons. 
Love compatibility can be determined:
But when a second thought is given to it, it is found that the reasons where too petty. Actually they were not meant to be together. That is the main reason behind their break up. But how is any one supposed to know his or her love compatibility? It is via astrology. Astrology makes the love prediction. These days we hardly find any person having arranged marriage. The reason is simple. People know now that without love, a relation cannot be made. That is why people prefer love marriage nowadays. Even marriage compatibility is declared by astrological science. 
Love marriage gives better sex life:
These marriages are far better than arranged marriage since people can know each other well enough before marrying. This helps them in future as well. In the course of love making session, they can become freer. They will not feel shy or awkward. The feelings will be from within. In this way, both the partners come closer and the relation becomes stronger. In the intimate moments, they will not face difficulty. Sex will be far better in these cases. But again, sexual compatibility matters from relation to relation. More understanding and care between two partners experience better sex life than other. 
Sexual compatibility varies with relation:
It is said that a sex life forms an important part of a healthy relation. It emphasizes a relation and makes it better. Both the partners feel better and their desires get fulfilled. They will always stay happy. Also there will be less chances of betrayal. Many cases have been found were a husband or a wife gets frustrated for not having sex for long, and then eventually betrays their better half. This proves that the sexual compatibility between those two is not good enough. The love prediction is made better by many astrologists. People got help from them and are found to report good things. 
Astrology can save a person from heart-breaking:
So many cases of divorces are found these days. Had they referred to astrology for knowing their marriage compatibility, this would not have happened. Of course love marriage is better in every respect. But the love compatibility should be kept in mind as well. It decides whether a relation will be successful or not. There are many cases of break ups which were never imagined. But there is no reason for getting surprised. It is all because of astrology. It forms an important part of love. Astrology will check the birth charts and compare the positions of different planets. 
Role of astrology in sex life:
The detailed studies are done by experts. So before getting committed to someone, one must consult these experts. They will give their expert advice. In this way, there will be lesser cases of breaking ups. So people can be happy and avoid the incoming pains. Astrology is a part of science. There are logics behind each and every thing of astrology. So it must not be neglected at all. There is a concept of ‘soul mate’. It is also determined by astrology. Therefore it is not impossible to find a soul-mate for a person. Only he or she needs to refer to astrology.

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