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Love Astrology

Love Marriage for Leo

According to Love marriage prediction, last year Leo’s has experienced a great amount of ups and down both in your personal relationship and professional – all Leo’s would experience a lot of changes in your personality and opinions. Love marriages are very special and it brings an immense bonding which is also likely to change your expectations from relationships and life in general.
Due to these changes in expectations. Leo always remains dissatisfied from their partner. Their efforts, acts and talks to reconcile may not make the partner happy either. But according to Love marriage prediction love marriage for Leo are Leo’s are not the only one to be blamed here, their partner would also not put in enough efforts, engendering arguments, estrangement, and a sense of disappointment. 

Love marriage for Leo:

For Challenged Leo’s they would observe their surrounding based on awareness and explanation and take a step towards love marriage this year , thus taking major conclusions based on these alterations would not be a wise move. What is required for Leo friends is to have tolerance - be quiet, identify the shortfalls, and work to improve upon them to pass this period with little or no damage and then dive into the ocean of marriage .  
Post the mid-year 2017, the retro grade will shift and there will be a new hope for love and passion, a new transit and all Leo’s would experience a new episode in their love life. Love marriage prediction  clearly specifies , love passion ,bonding , understanding – all these will fill up Leo’s heart and mind and they would find themselves  in   all-new  blissful zone , though this zone will be different than the usual zone yet it will be accepted with a heart full of emotions and care.
The powerful position of Jupiter will shift its position and hence Leo will be surrounded by a family so prospering and love, they might be surprised seeing a lot of turning points, in terms of happiness in family matters, marriage, and relationships. Broadly speaking, this is going to be a positive period, although second half of the year will be much better in comparison, especially concerning love and marriage. Love marriage for Leo’s are something they would like to stand by, they are strong and unmatchable yet their personalities are mesmerizing and they make their presence felt wherever they are. Leo’s are great lovers but only with the right partner such as Sagittarius and Aries, so other zodiac sign if you want to tie up with a Leo beware - coz they are made for only the two Sagittarius and Aries.

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