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Libra Horoscope for Career

Libra Horoscope for Career

Libra Horoscope for Career

Librans are generally manager kind of people. They do not run around the work place, rather they sit back and mange others into working. They can turn a dark and a difficult situation into an energetic and vibrant one with creative and fresh ideas. But sometimes they are found to be confused in case of making emotional decisions as well as strategic opinions. 
What careers are suitable from career horoscope
As Librans have the sense of skill and ability of managing people and tactical sense, it makes them diplomats, counselors, sales managers, PR, negotiators and so on.
Librans can be creative and can encourage new creative ideas. Their inner sense of beauty and love for arts sometimes make them photographers, painters, singers, dancers and such creative people.
They can even be lawyers, referee and strategy makers because of their loyal nature and analytical sense.
Basically a Libran can successfully be into any profession either creative or calculative with higher designation as they are quite passionate and enthusiastic when there is an opportunity to improve. 
Planets influencing career in 2020:
The career prospects are indicated by the 10th House of Birth Chart. The 10th House is generally ruled by Moon. 
Libra is ruled by Venus as a whole and is generally associated with the aesthetic sides of life. 
In 2020 Libra career will be highly influenced by the position Jupiter has in the sign Cancer and other planets like Venus and Mercury. Here Venus is the most effective planet for Libran career. 
Planetary influence on career at different times of the year:
The year will be starting off well as the Sun and the Mercury, both on the 10th house will pave the way for a fast growth in career. While with the help of Mercury you will be able to gather new knowledge at your job, the Sun will affect your career and you will get support from the higher authority which will enhance your skill and intelligence
Venus will aspect the 10th House during the second half of February and first half of March, thus helping you execute the tasks at hand in a better way using your intrinsic intelligence. Moreover, throughout March Venus would help you earn a good name in your professional field. 
From the first week of March till 21st July there can be a situation where you can set your mind to change the job as Saturn will be in retreating motion. 
From mid June there can be an overseas opportunity in your career, which will bring a steady growth in your earnings. There is possibility of changing the job and hike in earnings in the middle of the year as during this time Jupiter would travel across the sign of Cancer and you can have good growth opportunities. 
From mid July throughout August there is a favorable influence of the Venus, Mercury and the Sun which will help a Libran to improve the status at his job. There is a possibility of getting appreciation from higher authority. 
Your self confidence will enhance and you are likely to get certain job opportunities till 2nd November. 
At the end of the year, specifically during the last month of the year positions of Jupiter and Mars from Capricorn and Cancer will bring up the career astrology prospect and will bring a Libran a better satisfaction in professional life. .  

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