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Intense Gemini with moon

Gemini is a zodiac sign that revels with Moon. It makes natives speedy and bright. The Gemini moon is at home when their curiosity is piques and they get to track a novel idea. They could be called capricious and superficial in engagement though they are never boring. This changeable nature is at their heart. These natives have an easy way with people of all types and stripes. 

The natives with Moon in Gemini are always light with a soulful side to them. It takes a while to get to see their dimensions since they lead with the thinking mind and even when talking of feelings. They can have spiky emotional states when thinking too much. When the Gemini Moons are stressed they would show different faces or come through in cynical humor and sometimes even as a trickster.

Moon in Gemini natives have a light touch socially with an instinct for putting others at ease. They are from air sign and make lots of room for fresh ideas. They have brightly lit minds and with their wheels always turning through. They have an air for lively conversations and usually find hilarity with any situation. They take in everything of what people want to share and can become notorious gossipers. It is usually not from malice but from a genuine fascination with spectacle of life and people.

Gemini moon people find it hard to relax and when winding up on an evening they make several conduits of information at once. They would need constant stimulation and they find emotional comfort. Since Mercury rules the moon so messages of comfort and inspiration are nourishing. Ideally all such information gets passed and redistributed to world. Many of these natives are fine writers, artists, and comedians since they get turned on with peculiarities of social surroundings.

In romance they have an enchanting mate like quality. Their ideal choice of mate is one with adaptable outlook, who can help them soothe nervous temperament. They tend to offer relationship which is fresh and always evolving since they have an endless search for variety. All in all Moon in Gemini is benefic for natives with numerous good influences.

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