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Love marriage

Indian Horoscope for Marriage Compatibility

Horoscopes from astrology guide natives to their cherished goals in life –career, finances, health and marriage etc. Indian Vedic astrology based horoscope also offer native to know marriage compatibility from future events prediction. Generally these Vedic horoscopes made using expert astrologer advice also reveals inherent differences from a perfect love marriage. Love based marriage proposals are ascertained and weighed using different tools by astrologer whereby he or she can know status of marriage compatibility.

Indian horoscopes are of two types - North Indian and South Indian. Both the systems are similar with a few differences. Kundli or horoscope matching is based on birth details of the two natives are done to know of similarity or dissimilarity of different nature, personalities and looks. This tool is a boon for many natives from Astrology.  Using this process of horoscope matching the native can assess how far the relationship between the pair could mature to love marriage prospects. Some can know how to make their relation stronger. Others might get to know of special solutions from astrology to retain their love marriage.

Indian horoscope or astrology advice is based on lunar constellation also called ashtakoota milan or guna milan. While kundali milan is also useful tool from Vedic astrology, both the systems provide valuable information for native to be prepared for love marriage. After marriage both the husband and wife become one. They indeed focus on staying with each other and also own the main decisive reasons for shaping future as per will. Therefore love marriage must be one which needs to be having compatible features. As both the couple understands with love marriage, there are numerous issues to prioritize, time management, and tolerance. The couple might not waste entire life with convincing themselves. This practice could be unhealthy turning into divorce or waste of time & life. Many aspects of love marriage are to be ascertained for knowing marriage compatibility. Longevity, mental compatibility, separation, child birth, health, stability and financial condition need to be proper before both pair can get together to host their marriage. They need to get along with interests, and characteristic traits, resolve dosha or malefic effect of planets before entering into alliance together for life. Marriage compatibility is the reason from which the native ascertain how well this relationship would mature in terms of comfort and ease, allowing them more freedom and ability to have work and life balance. Love marriages are generally considered better than arranged marriages as there is sharing, caring and more closeness for couple. There is also freedom to accept each other more than in arranged marriages. Marriages are made in heaven and it is also true that one should do everything before they get into prospering from love marriage. Marriage compatibility is the unnerving aspects of astrology advice from an expert astrologer, making love marriage happen well for native. Many tools and tips from astrology are available for native to assess their marriage with right partner before taking this bold step of their life.


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