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marriage compatibility

Importance of matching horoscope in Indian marriages

Horoscope matching before marriage in India is a necessary custom followed since long before. With astrology this method of kundli or horoscope matching essentially brings forth the best match for marriage. As the medium of marriage a couple gets together for life in auspicious and holy alliance.

Matching of horoscope for knowing marriage compatibility is strength and best guidance for success of a marriage. This horoscope matching has been a common practice. Women have been considered in tradition as being in high esteem and equal to men. When the men consider their partner for marriage then the practice gains prominence and importance. Even then after having matched horoscopes, there could be problems in marriage. Astrology as a science is clearly defining numerous aspects of marriage prediction for perfect partner. Reasons when the horoscope matching might provide error is when birth details are unknown, and other factors.

Marriage compatibility or couple who are compatible to each other with union could be unhappy if they belong to different signs, or incompatible elements. All star signs put together have 78 different combinations for married couples. From astrology there are numerous findings of specific traits typical for particular zodiac signs. A horoscope matching done before marriage can show the possibility for long term and happy marriage. Therefore couple should consider visiting expert astrologer for knowing marriage compatibility. There is the fact of whether zodiac compatibility means marriage or not. Also there are issues of birth, family, elements disturbance for native, therefore matching horoscope is important for anyone interested in marriage. This is a sacred relation between man and woman. In religious perspective this custom is one where the relationship is expected to last longer and in India, divorce is a taboo or bad occurrence between couple. Therefore horoscope matching is done to ascertain any lacunae or issues arising in the relationship beforehand. Also once the matching is done then one knows their couple is sincere, how relations turn out with family and others, and whether one enjoys with right partner. This way the horoscope matching for marriage compatibility ensures blissful marriage.

Matching of horoscope for marriage is next to individual effort, sincerity, tolerance with leaving of ego aside and taking guidance from astrologer. Marriage compatibility rests on every couple getting to becoming tolerant with their journey together and it is here that astrology is effective. Marking marriage with mental compatibility also leads to better fulfilling couples together. Matching kundlis would enable both parents and couple to know of serious problems or mismatch in making it work. If the relation is expected to be important for man or woman they would know of any new issues, hurdles and events beforehand and be better prepared. This way the wedlock would be presenting as a preview all the expectations that couple has before marriage happens. Holy matrimony for couple in India is essential step in life and horoscope or kundli mathcing is one tool from astrology that guides them to long lasting relationship.

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