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Career Astrology

Importance Of birth moon in career astrology

As we know Moon is the fastest planet of the zodiac and completes its circle in more than 27 days. By virtue of its movement moon form various YOGAS which have both qualities good and bad. Vedic Astrology findings for career astrology suggests that moon forms the maximum negative yoga in a single round that is why so much misery exists in some ones career. Had moon being forming positive RAJYOGAS  then the picture of this world would have been different. Sages were of the opinion that a yoga forming moon should be free from all afflictions and not weak in the sky at the time of birth. A waxing moon starts giving strength from the third or full moon day, It still remains potent till waning eighth day. After that it is considered weak. Any small affliction with negative planet can also negative planet can also reduce the strength of RAJYOGA to a great extent.The moon mercury and Jupiter are considered the most important planets of  career astrology but are subject to vulnerable with a little affliction or placement.

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