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Wealth and Success

How to attract wealth and success using the Five Elements

Career Astrology: How to attract wealth and success using the Five Elements?
Understanding Akash or Space: Space is the region above which is never ending or Ananth.  Far away from the Earth, it contains our Solar System and the entire Galaxy. The forces that it contains include heat, light, gravitational pull and magnetic field.
Space has no limits, or can be called infinite. In the illustrations, our Brahmasthan, which is our centre point, is related to the space. This is the point where our cosmic radiation and cosmic energy originate from. The Akash element is thus related to cosmic energy. This is why  keeping the Brahmanthan open and clean is very important.
Vayu or Air: The atmosphere on the Earth contains a mixture of gases and is around 400 kms deep. Among the various gases oxygen, which is called Prana Vaayu, is 21%, nitrogen is 78%, carbon-dioxide and other gases are present in lesser amount. Besides, there are also dust particles and vapour present in particular proportions. All these things have important effects on the lives human beings, animals and plants.  
We know that Air is very important for our survival. All our senses are related to Air. The air around us is a mixture of different gases like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, etc. Oxygen is important for living of human beings, similarly, nitrogen is important for plant growth, which in turn produce oxygen. To maintain all life forms on the earth, a right balance of various gases, humidity levels and atmospheric pressure is essential.
Air depicts a pleasant, friendly, gentle, considerate and sensitive person. Music and art, along with balance and expansion are absolute in air. If this balance is disturbed, it may have effects on the organs like lungs and kidneys and may cause blood disorders too. Hippocrates, who is known to be the father of medicine, said that any part of the body should never be touched with iron, as its determining sign is being aspected by the moon. If you perform a Tonsils operation when moon is in Taurus, it may  amount to the rising of the water element.
Agni or Fire: Agni depicts heat and light of fire, solar system’s heat, lightning, energy, and other such properties. Agni also represents passion and vigour.  The source for this energy and heat is the sun. The whole universe is depended upon the sun. Occurrence of day and night and also the changing seasons, it all happens due to the relevant movements of the Sun and the earth. Our three senses, sound, sight and touch are related with the fire element. One can not imagine life without the Sun’s presence. When the fire element increases in someone, it leads him to wish for more power. The fire element is related to the solar radiation. shabda or sound, sparsha or touch and roop or form, are its key characteristics.
Jal or Water: Water is represented in the forms of liquid, solid and gas, by the rain, rivers and sea. Water is basically a combination of hydrogen and oxygen in two to one ratio. It has neutral reaction property. In human beings, animals and plants, water exists in various proportions. This element is related to our taste, sight, touch and hearing senses. In terms of quantity, two-thirds part of the surface of the earth is water. Those having water element influence on them, may have changing emotions tendency: which includes sociable nature, satisfied with life, creative and fanciful attitude and are very flexible. Such people are slow, a bit lazy, careless, and non-violent. Any disturbance in the water element may lead to problems like cough, damp feet, piles etc. The element represents gravitational attraction which points at the presence of extra water element. Shabda or sound, sparsha or touch, roopa or form and rasa or taste are its key characteristics.
Bhumi or Earth: Earth is the third planet from the Sun. It acts like a big magnet, having the north and south poles as the two centres of attraction. Earth’s gravitational force and magnetic field poses important effects on everything, be it living or non-living. Earth is tilted at the meridian by about 23½ degree on one of its side for six months and on the other side for the next six months, which are known as Uttarayan and Dakshinayan. Its rotation on its axis in the direction from West to East causes day and night. It takes 365¼ days for completing a full circle around the sun. Human beings are naturally harmonised emotionally with the Earth. The Earth has strong gravitational as well as magnetic pull and it also moves around the Sun. Earth element is the single one which relates to all the five senses; sight, taste, touch, sound and smell. That is why is  it has the maximum influence on everything. The Earth element bestows us with firmness, methodical and practical approach. Subtlety and wisdom are symptomatic of a balanced earth element; whereas rigid and proud attitude are symptomatic of excess earth element. Earth is like a huge magnet with North and South poles. It has its effects on various organs like throat, lungs, intestines and knees. By the Earth element it is meant about the magnetic field created by it. The key characteristics of the earth element are shabda, sparsha, roopa, rasa and guna.

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