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Love Astrology

How to attract a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio is the eighth Zodiac and those who are born between October 22 – November 21 comes under the Scorpion Zodiac whose primary element is ‘Water’.
Of the five elements such as Earth, Water, Fire and Air it is always easy to get attracted to the opposite sex of the same element. Hence naturally the forces of attraction with the Scorpion Women would be more from Cancerian, Piscean and a Scorpion Men as the other two Zodiacs are also ‘Water’ element.
Having said that it does not mean that the others can not attract a Scorpio Woman, however understanding them and doing things which pleases them would attract them as magnets to you. The details of which are mentioned below
As the saying goes like attracts like so to attract a Scorpio Women, one must exhibit a strong will power, a never say die attitude, a willingness to go extra mile and never give up attitude. It does not matter if you fail and could not accomplish the task but for them it is the will power, the strong exhibition of the attitude which attracts. On the contrary it would dispel them if one shows lack of will power, guts and glory.
They are passionate lovers and are intense in love, for few women it would be more of lust than love. They are attracted to a man who has a good body structure, broad shoulders and has a fit body since the first thing they get attracted to is the physicality. On top of that if the man has an amazing personality equipped with confidence, then sure it would be easy for him to get closer to the woman.
One of the things which attract them is a good sense of humour, Scorpion Women wants to remain happy and it is very difficult to make them laugh as their innate nature is very serious. But inside they want to live, laugh and be happy and some one who can do that for sure will get closer to them. 
They are very ambitious, goal oriented and wants to achieve more and more, hence any complacent men would put them off. Scorpion Women are dreamers, they want to explore the worlds, make money and have innate desire to be rich and wealthy. Hence some one who already has abundance of material things and ability to spend on them would get them magnetized to you. They want their life to be full of good and materialistic things but simple. Hence some one who can ensure to provide all the comfort of life will win them easily.
It is not advisable to step on their wrong foot, just like they are intense lovers quite similar they are intense stingers and get angry, agitated easily. Get jealous easily and once they are angry no one would be able to face off with them. So the best advice would be to take them easy and show respect.

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