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How to Select a Life Partner in Arranged Marriage

Marriages are a melting pot for many natives. Pairs and couples for whom this relation is been done could be a boon or curse. Selecting the right life partner for arranged marriage is best known from astrology based guidance and advice. Marriage compatibility for two natives in astrology is derived from 7th house lord who refers to marriage, wife and husband, a married life partner, lover, sexual relation, urinary organs, sexual diseases, wife or husband relations etc. All above aspects needs to get considered for peace in domestic life.

Marriage compatibility for horoscope is astrologically analyzing marriage for native with all aspects of positive or negative points of health, conduct, mental temperament, nature etc. Astrology based guidance on marriage compatibility analyzes 7th house for malefic and benefic planets with dosha, strength of Venus and Mars of mutual affections arranged from parents as arranged marriage or love marriage etc. Predictions for possibility of marriage compatibility for success, is predicted from lagna lord or 7th house conjunctions with Rahu-ketu axis or Moon's conjunction with malefic planets or Venus and Mars conjunction with worst malefic planets etc. Also predictions for temporary married life can be made to know mutual separations for untold reasons and situations be predicted.

 Malefic planets of 7th house lord or 7th house with Rahu-ketu axis or 7th house lord's indecent position including less strength giving rise to failure of domestic life in marriage can be predicted easily. Saturn and Mars with Moon or Sun and Rahu-Ketu axis in 7th house would definitely produce marriage problems. For saturn and mars becoming benefic planets then evil result could be minimized. Jupiter with 7th house positions could also minimize bad results. Thus astrology offers advice in marriage compatibility. Given Mars planet is in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th  houses, with a benefic planet in presence this will not do any harm or mangal dosha. Similarly the weakening dosha of mangal or kalathra dosha can be judged astrologically only by the strength or weakness comparison between mars and 7th house lord. Also can be known from analyzing the future dasha and longevity period for both bride and groom. With the marriage compatibility from astrology predicts breaking up from horoscope if there is malefic impact and considering dasha periods one can easily elaborate on fortunate or unfortunate marriages. With the help of the information from astrology, a perfect partner can be selected for arranged marriage.

Astrology offers solutions to natives in need of arranged marriage. The partners horoscopes are matched and important aspects are predicted like marriage compatibility, financial success and future children. Traditional rules and customs play another important part in partner selections, where arranged marriages are preferred signifying wisdom and knowledge of elders. Choosing a spouse is a significant and important matter when there is an increasing trend in country to include partner choices for semi arranged marriages.


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