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How To Improve Your Career Path

How To Improve Your Career Path

How To Improve Your Career Path

Your horoscope predicts the future inclusive of the nature and personality along with the possibility of career prospects. A Career horoscope reflects a person’s talent and inclination, preferences and choices that will shape his or her life. It also reveals about the fortune of individual in terms of monetary aspects that will give a probable idea about how you will be good in handling money including of receiving and spending money. According to Vedic astrologer, the career horoscope is ideal to predict what kind of career will be suitable for individual that will be conducive to be successful.
Having a proper idea about the suitable career choices and probability of success in particular these fields can help someone choose the ideal career option for him or her. 
A quick look to the astrological chart can enable you to understand how the horoscope influences one’s career in the course of time.
The influential houses that play pivotal role in terms of career prosopect:
  • The 2nd House- This house showcases the sources of money in your life. This house can also predict the various kinds of way you can earn money by selecting the right profession.
  • The 6th House- This house reflects particularly of the service as career choice. It shows the type of the job that one has chance to get involved into and subsequent career in this very line.
  • The 10th House- This house elaborately and precisely predicts about the position that one will be able to earn in his or her career. It further tells about the environments and surrounding of the professional field that one will work in. It emphasizes on the relation with the co-workers and also discusses the effect of Karma that will be transformed into action. 
The planets that play vital role in career prospect:
Saturn or Shani: According to vedic astrology, Saturn causes various drawbacks in terms of profession and it offers setbacks in career and prevents one from achieving something fast and on time. When someone is under the influence of Saturn, it makes the individual to have a close encounter with reality. The common traits of Saturn that are usually observed are
  • When Saturn is supporting 10th  House of career it is believed to be conducive to result in unnecessary delay.
  • If 10th House has Satan as Karaka or significator, it reduces the pace of success but ultimately makes one achieve his or her desired goal through sincerity. If the individual is very much perseverant then he or she can have good career prospect in life as the hard work and dedication along with perseverance drive Saturn in favour of the individual. It also happens to elevate someone’s status in society.  
  • During the crossing of Saturn it paves the way for complexities and hassles that one faces in professional field.
  • When Saturn is in combination with Moon , Sun and Ketu, it nurtures the negative energies.
Sun: According to Vedic astrology, Sun stands for the intelligence, authorative positions and zest, dynamic quality and power of will. On the basis of its position on the houses it affects individual in life.
  • It has been widely observed if Sun happens to be the Significator or Karaka of 10th House then it brings about immense success and positivity in career. It offers adequate possibility and probability of good fortune in particular profession. One can witness name, fame, status and money if there is Sun in good position in the horoscope.
  • It is believed that people under the Moon signs of Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius do not get positive effect from Sun. 
  • While crossing through the signs namely Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, Sun has potentiality to result in unwanted complications and troubles in life. 
  • During its co existence with Rahu, Saturn and Venus Sun is likely to result in problematic and negative energies.  
  • If you already have your horoscope, go through it and make close examination with the above mentioned facts and see the similarities in life. You can engross into this examination as this happens to be very much interesting. The level of interest increases with the increment of the profundity. However, you may also prefer to make your horoscope at Astrovalley website.  
The proficient Vedic astrologers closely examine the horoscope with Dasamsa that is also known as Tenth Divisional chart and predicts about the proclivities that can influence our career prospects. 

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