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Horoscope and all the Astrological Houses

The astrological houses which are twelve describe the departments making up human life. Planets and signs would most strongly appear with the sphere of life as represented by House in which they fall in chart. These astrology based houses are actually the fields of experience not the experience themselves.

Horoscopes provide insight to the significance of astrology based houses. The 1st astrological house ruled by Aries, indicates self awareness, physical body, awareness, self image and any of the planets greatly influence persona. The second house ruled by Taurus refers to money and possessions, value, hidden talents, self esteem and possessions. It clarifies how the money is gained and spent by a native. Also signifies attitude to wealth and material possessions, and potential for calculating these. The 3rd house in astrology ruled by Gemini indicates, communication, including one's current environment of siblings, neighbors and travel. It also shows intellect, lower mind, thinking patterns and early education.

Fourth house ruled by Cancer refers to home, family, personal foundations and roots. A native's upbringing is associated with this house. This house in horoscope of a native clearly shows how at root or base of native, these end life conditions are ruled. This house provides information on karmic lesson for this lifetime. It indicates karmic luggage that native would carry with him. Fifth house is ruled by Leo governing self expression, drama, creativity, color, romance, fun and play. Astrology sixth house is all about health and service. This house reveals routines, diets, healthy living and service to others. Sixth house is ruled by Virgo.

The seventh house of astrology horoscope reveals relationships and other people. This governs all partnerships, and relationship matters like contracts, marriage and business deals. This house is ruled by sign Libra. The eighth house from horoscope indicates birth, death, transformations, and bonding at deepest level. It also rules other people's property and estate. This house is governed by Scorpio. The 10th house ruled by Capricorn for native indicates structures, traditions, awards, and border of house is also called Midheaven. This house indicates about the career path of native.  11th house is ruled by Aquarius shows team, society, networking, and humanitarian causes. This house indicates all futuristic events, surprises, astronomy etc. The 12th house offers the native, details of final project, tying up loose ends, associated with separations from society, hospitals, hidden agendas and ruled by Pisces.

The horoscope reading for native shows the houses and their ruling planets. The zodiac is divided into 12 houses. It begins with first house and goes counterclockwise around. Each of the houses has a set of traits beginning from self and then expanding into society and beyond. At time of birth, planets were residing in specific signs and houses. For planets visiting a house, they energize the house with traits. This classification of houses in astrology helps predicting when and where best occasion or event could be in focus.

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