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How To Enhance Work and Memory

Health Horoscope: 5 Methods To Enhance Work and Memory

Health Horoscope: 5 Methods To Enhance Work and Memory

1. When it comes to remedies, the best way for enhancing concentration power and memory, is by practising meditation. Practicing meditation has been there for ages and is also called Candle Flame Gazing (CFG). In is called Tratak in our Indian system. This is quite a simple yet effective way of improving concentration and enhancing brain power. It works by soothing our subconscious mind and making our stressed nerves calm. By calming down the nerves, it brings upon inner peace and wisdom too.
2. Deep breathing is no doubt a wonderful thing. Sit in Padmasana or or normal cross legged position. If you can’t sit like that, you can just do it by sitting on a chair too. Take a deep breath and hold it for some time. Then release it slowly. You can start releasing by counting one and can go on till ten. With practice the counts can be increased depending upon your comfort level. You will feel a remarkable improvement in 6-7 days. This breathing practice improves brain power and has been used as remedy for memory improvement.
3. The Alternate Remedies in our Indian system also include certain special poses or Asanas, which are good for increasing concentration and brain power as well.  Following are some of these:
For this pose or Asan, first, lie down on your back keeping the arms straight along your side. Slowly lift both legs together. Support the body with your hands. Keep the elbows on the ground. Raise your body keeping your hands at the back for support. Your body should be vertical straight with your hips, knees, and feet in a straight line. When you attain this pose, your chin will get pressed a little against your chest.
This is especially a very useful asan for students. This pose benefits the entire body, from head to toes. Among the many benefits of this pose, improved blood circulation, improved flexibility of the spine, strong bones, better memory are just to name a few.
 To perform Halasana, lie down on your back keeping the arms straight by your sides. Now slowly lift your legs keeping them straight by supporting them with your hands on the hips. Now bend them backward slowly till your toes touch the ground. In this pose your body will take the shape of a plough.
This pose helps your spine and makes it flexible. Besides, you feel energetic and youthful.
 For this pose, bend your knees and sit on them. Keep your hands on your knees. Keep your back straight. This asana can be performed anywhere and at any time. It helps improving digestion and re the laxes legs and the entire body.
 This is a very simple pose to relax the body. Lie down flat on your back, keeping the legs a little apart. Keep both the hands along side of your body. Keep lying like a dead body to let the whole body relax. This pose de stresses your body and mind both. Just do this everyday for few minutes and you will feel relaxed and at peace.
4. In terms of memory improvement, an Ayurvedic preparation, known as Shankhpushpi or Convolvulus Pluricaulis, has been proven to be very effective. You can feel the difference in energy, the quality of sleep and in concentration power within 6 weeks of its regular intake. Similarly, there is another herb called Bacopa Brahmi (BRAHMI), which is quite beneficial in curing the symptoms like lack of concentration and weak memory etc. This works like a tonic to our nerves that improves learning and mental ability. It also works as an anti-anxiety agent and is beneficial in problems related to mental disorders. This herb also improves the symptoms of restlessness. But, consulting a doctor before trying these medicines is advisable.
5. As per the astrological remedy, people having weak Moon in their chart can wear a silver ring embedded with Pearl. This should be worn on any Monday on Bright Moon. This helps improving the concentration power and disturbed memory. Various planetary positions in a birth chart also pose their effects on the person’s concentration power. It is also affected by the aspects of various planet in different houses.
If you have weak memory or suffering from lack of concentration, you may try the above discussed remedies.

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