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career astrology

Get career astrology benefits in career from an experienced practitioner

As a professional astrologer with a vast amount of experience one comes across many people in life. In my courtesy I have greeted these many people to good readings and astrological chart benefits. I have been doing so for the past ten years. And I encountered questions such as about career choice, accountancy as a career, lawyer as a career option, as also success in business and many others.

I have had many professional meetings which I completed with grace and lord’s blessings. Though the questions are not so much inquisitive but rather they have not known the subject of career astrology. In this respect it has not been their fault, this misconception of career astrology is allowed to take root in the psyche of people as many of astrologer do not feel courageous to tell clients whether it is right to tell or not. There are many astrologers who know it very well though we do have courage, but cannot be said so very easily in one meeting. Therefore, one astrologer cannot lead the people to be courageous for many a population. Even then the following basic steps could be important in ascertaining the development of an education in career astrology;

Step 1: Get a basic understanding of all inner abilities written in your destiny from an astrologer through your birth career horoscope readings. In case you would not know the same, you should find it out by providing date, time and place of birth.

Step 2: Compare the above information and with that, ask yourself, whether you found such characteristics in yourself. Whether you are comfortable with the same. Also explore possibilities of developing all identified characteristics through possible training.

Step 3: Based on your tenth house cusp, also try to find out the astrological chart profession fields you will be able to complete with joy and ease.

Step 4: Finally, compile all the info collected in the three steps above, match it with your education, experience, resources available. Resources can be society, the environment, your locality, your contacts etc. Make a decision. If in doubt or if you have more options and input, ask your astrologer again.

One note is that career astrology was never meant to be a predictive science, it was and will always be an information system and a tool. Wishing you all good luck for career hunting success and Acharyaji's.

A professional consultant and astrologer, he has equally wide experience of more than thirty thousand Career horoscope readings. All of this is dealing with issues of human life, business, mundane, auspicious times for starting an event (Mahurat) etc. His Motto has been,“Solve Client's Problems Any How”. He would use all systems of Vedic and Indian astrology that he knows, to solve your problem, predict, suggest and advise. He is truly synonymous with qualities of trust, sincerity & dependability. Short and to the point in his responses, he is a thorough professional and never beats around the bush with words.

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