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Fun and Facts about Gemini

We often tend to worry about what will happen next and why is it that we encounter challenges? There is one zodiac personality who does not care about any such thought and they are Gemini. According to Indian Astrologers online, they are very bubbly yet much focussed, speaks their mind but had a dual face, they handle situations well though are perturbed by important issues in life and are often known to create their own turning points in life and career.

Indian Astrology Online suggests and recommends few very interesting facts  about Gemini that were under covers but worth knowing , hence we share with you some of the most interesting facts so you can understand your Gemini friends well.

  • They are individual who are not committed to one partner and usually seek solace in various friends; they in other words are scared on commitment and serious relationship.
  • They make their friends feel at Cloud Nine, but at other instance they might ignore the – difficult to understand why.
  • They are great academicians and are always full of life; they have great inclination towards arts & culture and prosper in that field.
  • They are adorable parents as they try every bit to instil great values and life qualities in their child. Interesting discussions with the child helps to stimulate their learning further.
  • Gemini’s are really smart people but they are easily bored. They have a tough time completing a hobby if they lose interest midway. Also, they are quick learners and grasp new ideas faster than the others but one needs to really hold their attention for this else all will be lost.
  • Usually it has been observed that Gemini’s shifts their heart and mind. In order to stay calm and keep situations under control our Indian astrologers suggests them to use the flower Lily of the Valley, which acts tremendously as the healing flower for Gemini’s. For all unpredictable Gemini, whose personality for a minute changes and shifts to someone else the next, this flower helps in clearing the mind and stay calm!
  • With their dual personality, Gemini is often considered two-faced. Mingling and meeting many people, their actual intentions neither are lost in translation and people feel there is no depth to them nor are they true friends. But this is not the truth.
  • Gemini’s love parties and get-togethers! Attending parties and meeting people fulfils their purpose in life. They are the type of people who have several groups of friends – school, college, and chess club, office, cycling buddies and so on. They are truly social butterflies.

Gemini’s have a hunger for creativity and new avenues, a Gemini make a great tale teller. They have many experiences which they want to share and therefore, there is never a dull moment in their life! They are good writers too, drawing allusions from various aspects of their experiences. 


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