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Career in Astrology Through Nakshatra

Career in Astrology Through Nakshatra

Career in Astrology Through Nakshatra 

In astrology career is assessed by studying the Nakshatra of career along with taking into consideration the planets and the house. The 10th House, the Moon, Sun and the Nakshatra of Ascendant indicate the fields of interest of a person and also the capability of the person to emerge successful in professional life. The Moon Nakshatra indicates your basic inclination, the Sun Nakshatra indicates what you actually want to do and the Lord of the 10th House says about what you will do in life. All you need to do is to assess the Nakshatra of your career along with the planets and the house that it is associated with. The Sun, Moon, the Ascendant and the Lord of the 10th House all together indicate how your career is going to be and what are the best options that would suit you. Nakshatra when associated with South Node or Ketu or with North Node or Rahu can be the sole determinant of your career. In fact, when the Nakshatra is aspected by these Lunar Nodes it becomes easier to achieve something in life.   
Career astrology Mula/ Moola Nakshatra: Range- 0°00’ Sagittarius to 13°20’ Sagittarius
Professions: Political rights activist, philosophers, lawyers, lecturer, guru, medicine doctors, researchers, investigators, spiritual teachers, writers, public speakers, lawyers, professionals in destructive activities, investigative profession, astrologers, psychotherapists, equestrian professionals, treasure hunters, agitators, mathematicians, nuclear scientists, black magicians, Tantrik, politicians, homicide professionals, wrestlers, bodyguards, herb and root vegetable sellers, autopsy surgeons, astronomers, genetics and microbiology researchers, soldiers, judges, detectives, police personnel, preachers, ministers, dentists, medical practitioners and healers. 
Career astrology Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Range- 13°20’ Sagittarius to 26°40’ Sagittarius
Professions: Water Utilities professionals, foreign trades, travel industry professionals, writers, debaters, professionals associated with water and other forms of liquid, herbalists, beauticians, professions in aviation— civil aviation in particular, hot air balloonists, parajumpers, fashion experts and fashion designers, weapons experts and war strategists, industries associated with processing liquids, painters, artists, managers, teachers of philosophy, inspirers and professional motivators, rock stars, entertainment industry, professional hosts, fishing professions, shipping industry, marine life experts, navy personnel, pilots, aviation industry, sailors, psychic mediums and hypnotists.
Career astrology Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: Range - 26°40’ Sagittarius to 10°00’ Capricorn
Professions: Librarians, economist, president, military work, social work, government jobs, holistic physicians, cricketers, construction professionals, hunters, rangers, security personnel, body guards, bird watchers, ornithologists, valet and butlers, guards, teachers, administrative jobs in different fields, defense industry, organizers, business executives, elephant trainers, athletes, combat sports professionals like boxers and sword fighters, wrestlers, explorers, pioneers, equestrians, military professionals, government officers, judges, lawyers, astrologers, counselors, priests and preachers.
Career astrology Shravana Nakshatra: Range- 10°00’ Capricorn to 23°20’ Capricorn
Professions: Counselors, speech therapists, clubs and society professionals, profession at charitable organizations and NGOs, psychologists and psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, hosts of talk shows as well as other programs in radio and television, news broadcasters, managerial jobs at both small and big organizations, telephone operators or other kinds of voice-over-phone jobs, sound technicians and producers and all those who are involved in the music recording industry, narrators and story tellers, interpreters and translators, linguists, scholars, educators, teachers and preachers

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