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Career Vedic Astrology to turn your life into success

Career Vedic Astrology to turn your life into success

Career Vedic Astrology to turn your life into success! Career Vedic astrology is so full of magical success whilst people can hardly take to utilizing it in their daily lives! This is so close to being real and effective – using Career Vedic Astrology. As the year 2014 is closed we find ourselves looking ahead for a great start to the new year with courage to start a new job and foresight that what a terrible year that was! We must look ahead to what our stars foretell to get through a positive new beginning.

A very good astrologer is one who can have foreseen many of these things. Using astrological horoscope is seen as something practical while it is not at all mystical or obscure. Once the astrologer is ready to hand you this tool, it is an invaluable map in your hands. This will help you in making less mistakes and using better choices in all areas of life. As an astrological chart is about cosmic prognosis there is also essential details of birth time and date for an individual. Just as a physician would conclude of disease outcomes, so does an astrologer predict with certainty the deep causes in our lives, the growth from these things and timing to wait for when the opportunity strikes.

A Career Vedic birth chart benefits;


Ø Career Vedic astrology can understand and tell about future ailments and weaknesses in individual’s chart. Thus it can forewarn about being prepared as well as avoiding any new situations.

Ø Through looking at astrological chart one can also determine metabolic type in ayurveda.

Ø Emotional and mental health can be difficult for those on allopathic treatment of medicine. Misplaced planets can cause severe depression and the actual remedial measures unique to Career Vedic astrology are often used.

Ø Career Vedic astrology can empower and provide us with details of health to make us strong in spirit and confidence.


Ø With the prospects of a relationship there must be completed the compatibility charts to ensure best commitment before anything begins. Do you have the same goals and aspirations or you are better off as friends and lovers; are questions to be explored.

Ø The astrologer can help in advising the relationship that is growing sour and turn it in your favor by telling about qualities and attributes of both partners. Counseling in such a manner can save relation.

Ø Compatibility charts can also be done for business partners as well.

The right career

Ø Career Vedic astrology can indicate strengths, weaknesses and propensities for a perfect career

Ø Parents can have their child’s charts done and oversee the talents for them.

Ø If you are 30 plus you can still wish for doing something else. Vedic horoscope can indicate what might be best for you from your interest and likenesses.

Why choose Career Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology or Jyotish (science of light) was born in India. This uses sidereal zodiac, used for fixing constellation of stars like Aries, Taurus, and Gemini etc. as backdrop to formulate position and movement of planets. Western astrology is based on premise that Sun is zero degrees Aries annually on 21st of March. This tropical system was created (based on equinox) about 1900 years ago when Sun was actually at zero degrees Aries. Assuming the Sun returns to this position every year on spring equinox the year, this was prepared accordingly. Scientifically as the earth takes 365 and ¼ days to orbit the Sun, it is impossible for Sun to be at this position every year at time of spring equinox. Then as many years of discrepancy there is also 23 degree difference with the constellations and signs of names. This is exactly why the tropical system is inaccurate for predicting using a natal horoscope. Using the Vedic system which is more than 5000 years old one needs to take figure called Ayanamsha. This is gradual rotation of Earth axis over thousands of years. This is precession of equinox central to modern astronomy as well as Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is old, unbroken tradition while western astrology is a checkered history of development. During the time 500 – 1000 Ad astrology actually went disappearing in West. This then changed when it surfaced during renaissance again to fall out of favor. It had totally disappeared from European continent by the late 19th century. This astrology was barely alive in England. Then astrology from west became resurgent again. The birth map which is a symbolic representation of Earth, planets and stars at birth is a divine language and a mystic cryptogram that is communicating about the person’s identity.

Howard Beckman is director of Vedic Cultural Fellowship and Pecos Valley Yoga and Ayurvedic center. He is trained in India for more than a decade and practicing astrologer and planetary gemologist for past 30 years. He is the author of three leading books of Vedic sciences and is recognized as sole gemologist in USA, expert in field of Career  Astrology and also gem therapy. His recently produced ‘Balaji GL108 Navratna Gem Lamp’ is combining all knowledge and is latest innovative technology in market today. He is considered one of world’s foremost authorities in Jyotish and ayurvedic practitioners for opinions on gem for clients. He consistently travels and works dividing his time between USA, UK and India while maintaining busy astrological practice for clients all over the world. He has done consultations for clients from telephone and mail as well.

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