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Career Horoscope and Significance of Nakshatra

Career Horoscope and Significance of Nakshatra

Career Horoscope and Significance of Nakshatra 

astrology  Ashwini Nakshatra: series 0°00' Aries- 13.20' Aries.
Professions: police, Legal agents like judge, advocates, solicitors, Generals, Soldiers,  Mechanical, electrical Engineers, Athletes and all Sport related Jobs, Herbologists,  Motor Racer or Sports, Adventure Sports, Researchers & Pioneers, Explorers, Stunt Men, Concreters industrial builders, Chemists, Physiotherapists, Counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, Druggists & Surgeons, Promotion & Motivational jobs like helpers and therapists & campaigns, Transportation Industry jobs like drivers, conductors, managers, Dancer and gymnastics, Equestrian professions, Horse Trainers & Keepers, Horse Racing Enthusiasts and Gamblers,  All types of Healing Professions like acupressure, acupuncture, aroma therapy.
Career astrology  Bharani Nakshatra: series 13.20 Aries - 25. 40 Degree Aries.
Professions: Nursery School Teachers, Nannies, Babysitters, children care professions, Amusement Professions, Theme Parks business, Children's Toys Industry, Midwives, professions connecting birth & death, Officials handling Birth and Death Records, All genre Dancers, Tobacco, Coffee and Tea Industry, Cooks, Hoteliers, Gynecologists, Professions related to Fertility Clinics, pediatricians, post natal , prenatal care, Professions connected to Slaughterhouses, and processing of food Caterers or raw materials suppliers, Veterinarians, Film & amusement Industry, Models, fashion designers, Judges, Volcano, Earthquake, flood like disaster management Experts, Geophysicists, Biologists & Microbiologists, Occultists, Seed & Fertilizer Industry, gynecology, film and music industry, distribution, production.
Career astrology  Krittika Nakshatra: series 26.40’ Aries to 10. 00’ Degree Taurus.
Professions: Needle workers or Embroiderers, Furnace makers, Cooks or chefs, clay objects builders like bricks for building houses or ceramic object, Cooking Utensils or Trading tools maker, fire departments, professions concerning use of fire and sharp objects, blacksmith, sword and fighting instrument maker, or protectors like fire brigade or disaster management. Critics, Generals , Technical professions  such as engineers, mechanics, Managers, Teachers, Educators, Swordsmen, University lecturers, professors, Fencers or masons, swords and knives maker, Creative Arts like painting, sculpting, Blacksmiths, Jewelers and Glassmakers, Spiritual Teachers like pope, preacher, father , nun or the Sun or Fire worshipers, Barbers, Fire dancers or Fire Sacrifices maker.
Career astrology Rohini Nakshatra: Series 10.00 Taurus - 23.20 Taurus.
Professions: fine wine tester, fashion designers, foods, dancing, luxuries, decorating, restaurant, hotel business arts, flowers, music, perfume, painter, make up or beauticians, fashion, singing, songwriter, speech therapist,  poet, financial advisor, meat and beef industry, orator or lecturers, botanist,  banker, landscaper, Financiers, Transportation Business, Textile Industry, All professions connected with Aquatic products and Liquids, Tourism Industry, Food Production, Packaging & Distribution industry, and Shipping Industry like marine , Farming, Agriculturists , professions related with food processing with cultivating, growing, processing, handling and selling, Herbalists, Artists, Botanists, Musicians, composers, singer, Fashion and Cosmetic Industry, Entertainment and Leisure Industries like spa, , Beauticians, Sex Therapists and counselors, Jewelry maker and designers, Interior Gemstone Dealers or astrology advisor and Decorators.

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