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Career Astrology

Career Horoscope Reading Is Based on Science

Career Horoscope Reading Is Based on Science  
It is been proved that astrology is in some ways based on scientific logics. People use astrology to predict certain things about their future. Such expectations about people, their personalities, their lives and other issues are somewhere generate on the basis of scientific knowledge and scientific tools. Some of the practical evidence also proves that astrology partially depends on scientific logics and on the other some says there is no science in generating Astrological expectations. People who have stated that future expectations about their lives have worked for them also believe that scientific reasons influence Astrology in a logical way.
Related to the Natural World
In Astrology, the holistic bodies such as the Sun, the Moon, and the planets all have effects on the events on earth such as personality, life, career and so on.  
Explaining the effects of Natural World
Astrology depicts the relationship between the holistic bodies and the earthy events. As the movement of these holistic bodies changes the earthy events like career, marriage, birth and such also change. Astrological expectations are based on these movements.
Verified predictions
Sometimes Astrology generates such common expectations that any result can be treated as proper outcome of the predictions. It definitely shows the ineffective relationship between science and Astrology. But in some cases the astrology predicts specific future that depends on the zodiac signs. For instance anyone’s zodiac sign can influence other one’s life and career prospect. Generating expectation in this way verifies the relationship between Astrology and Science.
Trusts on evidence
Like scientific theories sometimes evidence does not support the predictions that are generated through Astrology. It is a common incident in scientific researches that the outcome has not sustained the expectations. In that way it can be said that Astrology has not altered its thoughts even if the evidence contradicts the prediction.
No Scrutiny by scientific community
Astrology does not generally publish their findings in any forum for reviewing or scrutiny. Whole practicing Astrology one can research on several things related to Astrology but does not share them for criticize by the scientific community.
Contribution in recent research
Unfortunately there is no such document available where it can be proved that astrology is contributing anything to any recent research or new discovery.
Lack of scientific behavior
Scientists generally are always ready to accept the critically evaluation of their research. Mostly it is seen that scientists do not wait for other researchers to criticize their research. They try their level best to upgrade their research in an improved version. On the contrary astrologers do not publish or share their research for scrutinizing. They do not accept the critical evaluation of other people about their research work. For the most part they do not take into account the outcomes that are contradicting their predictions or general expectations.      

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