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Indian Astrology and career

Career Classification through Career Astrology

How good would the professional career be? Whether there will be any promotions or rewards? How much will the incentive be? All these are probable questions that strike a person’s mind regarding his career. But these are regulated by the houses and the planets and their zodiac signs.
The probable predictions of the different zodiac signs for the year 2015 are as below:
Aries: Work stress will more during the first half of the year.  New job openings might be considered during middle of the year. career Horoscopes 2015 also predicts frequent business trips for these people in the second half of the 2015. Professional life will bring in special rewards and recognition in the last quarter of the year. It will be a satisfying year from career point of view.
The probable career fields for Aries would be: Sportscaster, Surgeon, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Military, Stockbroker and Producer.
Taurus: August and September will see professional success of these people. They are also expected to get some nice family incentive tours as a reward for good work. However, there are some chances of trouble related to partnership in old business during October or November. But overall the coming year will be a good one to expand one’s business.
They can prove successful as: Executive, chef, Politician and Musician
Gemini: Though the situation will be quite tough, Mars will give the courage to take risks in business in the months of March and April. Major financial losses may occur if negotiations are not done carefully during middle of the year. Last quarter may face some confusion in the workplace due to a jealous colleague. New openings at work or in business are expected to come in October and November.
 The career fields suitable for them to achieve success are: Journalist, Translator, Writer, Public relationship executive and Tour guide
Cancer:  A creative new beginning and a new line of work is awaited in the initial months of the year 2015. In the middle of the year they can expect a good incentive or a promotion at their workplace. 2015 horoscope also predicts some short term job transfer for those working in the technical fields. But those looking for jobs will have to wait for some more time to get the right job.  However, November and December will be critical months in terms of career for these people.
The few fields suitable for them are: Historian, Realtor, Internet Merchant, Caterer
Leo: 2015 will be a special year for the Leos. These people will maintain a fine balance in personal and professional relationships and with confidence. A colleague will play significant role in motivating them professionally in the last few months of the coming year. Overall, the following year will be full of challenges in the career but these people will excel brilliantly in all of them.
Leo can be successful as:  Actor, Cardiologist, Spokesperson and a Jeweler.
Virgo:  Virgo people who are looking for overseas assignments in business will get the favourable opportunities in months of May and June. It is also predicted that some great opportunities might come their way to fetch new foreign clients in the middle of the year. A risk might knock at the door but that will be worth taking to attain success. These people are also suggested to be open to all suggestions coming up in the work sphere. Overall, 2015 will be a good one for the Virgos to enjoy the great results at work.
Virgo people have a cool temperament and a fit to be successful as: Tax auditor, Executive assistant, System Analyst, technician.
Libra: For the Libra people, creativity will be at its peak in the months of January and February. Middle of the year may be the best time to explore new job openings for them. These people will be applauded for their great ideas that proved fruitful for their job. Thus, the coming year is predicted to bring good news in terms of promotions and appraisals for the Librans.
Libras are cooperative and diplomatic and they work towards creating harmony and peace. The career fields that suit them are: Guidance counselor, Beautician, Lawyer, Architect  and Referee in a match.
Scorpio: There will be many business tours in the first quarter of 2015 for Scorpio people. New openings at work or in business are expected to come their way in the middle of the year. 2015 horoscope predicts some delay in important business meetings with foreign delegates during the month of June that will last up to July. People having inclination for going and making career abroad will get desired success in the last half of the year. Career prospects will look better around September and October. 
When the career deals with intelligence and zest for ambition people under the sun sign of Scorpio are perfect ones to continue and maintain the service. 
Sagittarius: Sagittarians are expected to outdo others in business in March and April. It has been predicted that good remuneration will be in store for freelancers in the middle of 2015. But, the challenging part is that those looking for a job will have to struggle hard in the coming year. Whereas, those engaged in technical fields will get a boost in their career due to their past hard work. Professional steadiness is awaited in 2015.
These are inclined towards communication skills, knowledge seeking and inspirational character. The right job fields for them may be: Publisher, Professor and interpreter.
Capricorn: Ego will turn as their rival and hamper the professional growth to a great extent. 2015 horoscope also predicts that these people will suffer due to huge pending work.  And for those about to appear for job interviews will get success in getting the desired jobs in the last quarter of the year. Thus, Capricorns will have a good year financially, though not professionally.
A Capricorn with his most reliable nature can be successful   as : Accountant, Financial planner, Cashier and a Computer Programmer
Aquarius: Aquarians are most likely to start 2015 with poor health that will affect their productivity at work. Past experience may help in taking certain tough decision at work. It’s also predicted that good chances of job openings for new job aspirants will come in the months of June and July. Foreign delegates may come over but it is suggested that no bidding is done in the first quarter of the year. Overall, it will be average year for these people in terms of career.
Career paths that can be followed by an Aquarian are: Political activist, Mediator and a Conceptual artist
Pisces: To get recognition, Pisces might have to do a lot of experimentation. It will be a challenging year for them and nothing will be easily gained in profession. It is also predicted that a common enemy will bring the native closer to a rival at work most probably in the middle of 2015. In all, with few twists and turns, the coming year will be a good one for the Pisceans.
Career  astrology options for Pisces are: Filmmaker, Photographer and nun.

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