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Careers for your Zodiac Sign

Best Careers for your Zodiac Sign

Career astrology is for natives who need to get ahead well with their profession to get best advice on changes, progress and choices. All zodiac signs are arranged according to their best astrology guidance for career.

Career predictions Aries are strong and determined natives. Careers suited to them are politician, media person, entrepreneur and adventurist. Their relentless ambition is a trait helping them as entrepreneurs to success in politics and climbing the ranks. Famous Aries natives are Kofi Annan, Leonardo da vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Robert Downey jr. Taurus career astrology predicts need for stability and security. They are reliable, honest and methodical. Careers suited for them are educationist, lawyer, nurse and public relations. Famous Taurus natives are Cate Blanchett, george clooney, audrey hepburn. Gemini career astrology predicts adaptability, flexibility and balance in careers of social variety like journalism, travel, acting and media person. Famous Gemini natives have been Angelina Jolie, Walt Whitman, Bill Hader, Johnny Depp, Rafael Nadal. Cancer predictions are for professions of lawyer, psychologist, oceanographer and baker. They are protective, energetic, dramatic, kindhearted, imaginative and have nurturing instincts. Famous cancer natives are nelson mandela, harrison ford, pablo neruda, meryl streep and malala yousafzai.

Career astrology for Leos are professions of managerial positions, editor, actor and CEO. Leo are charismatic, positive thinking, inspiring and independent. They are likeable, goal oriented and competitive with work ethics and personality helping them further. Famous Leo natives have been Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna etc. Virgo career astrology predicts careers of investigator, translator, editor and statistician. They are organized, hard working and helpful. Famous Virgos have been Jimmy fallon, sean connery, mother teresa etc. Career astrology for Libras like exciting, adventurous, new situations of work environment. Careers in law, mediation, diplomat and social work are well suited for them. Famous Libra natives have been Hugh jackman, John lennon, margaret thatcher.

Scorpios career astrology predicts analytical, hard working, and resourceful natives. The careers best suited are spy, surgeon, researcher and scientist. Famous scorpio people are bill gates, emma stone, leonardo dicaprio, hillary clinton. Career predictions for sagittarius is for animal trainer, theology, public relations and interpretation. They are caring native with big hearts and constant need to explore. Career astrology for Capricorns makes them suited for banker, accountant, medicine, and science jobs. They are ambitious native who understand hard work and have determination to achieve goals. Famous capricorn natives were Martin luther king jr. michelle obama, elvis presley and stephen hawking. Aquarius career astrology predicts career fields of scientist, musician, astronomer, inventor. They are visionaries, curious and adventurous by their nature. Famous capricorn people Charles Darwin, Mozart, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey. Pisces career astrology indicates jobs of philanthropist, psychologist, arts and veterinarian. They are intuitive, compassionate, creative and artistic. Famous pisces natives were albert einstein, steve jobs, george washington. with  help of career astrology finding right career is easy and simple. Understanding strengths and weakness can allow beter preparedness and suitable choices of career.


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