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Astrology for Future Career

Astrology offers special solutions for career oriented natives. They can know their best suited careers, make decision for getting to right career, advancing in careers and procuring best prospects also. Career astrology generates a career profile from date of birth and other relevant details.

A career astrology solution includes understanding work preferences depending on zodiac sign. As everyone displays unique set of features with definite working traits, some of natives are good in artistic and creative fields and others find best suited careers in finance etc. Career astrology has accurate predictions for native in this regard. A native would have profession indicated from strongest sign in horoscope. A sign with support of lord or exalted planet is strong. Most powerful and dominant planet of horoscope is often the important decision making aspect for career especially when it is lord of ascendant or lagna. Astrology is able to evaluate proper perspective of child and provide idea of field in which they get best chance to develop.

Each planet is an important directive to the known career for native. The planets rising or strong in a horoscope indicate how far the native is successful in their chosen field. Astrology based predictions are thus much closer to right decision on career choice for native. Career astrology predictions also work well for the native.

Printing, presses, stationary, education department,  literature, book keeping, writing,  audit or accounts, oratory, newspaper work, music and drama, cinema, law, ambassadorial work, astrology, engineering, crafts related etc are professions from strong planet mercury. Treasury, banking, teaching, law and justice, postal department, courts, temples, revenue department, advisory councils, advertisements etc are professions from strong planet Jupiter. Municipal corporations, civil engineering, medicine, chemicals, architectural work, and work related to metals are professions from strong planet Sun. Agriculture, communications, trade in items of water, dairy farms, water works, textiles, naval work, psychiatry, medicine are professions from strong planet moon. Mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering, trades in metals, geological  institutions, railways, labor forces, surgery departments, trades in weapons, cooking are professions from strong planet Mars.

Manufacturing or trading of cosmetics or other ornamental items, music or cultural organizers, customs, imports or exports, gems, trade in gold, foreign representatives, navy,  railways etc are professions from strong planet Venus. Artisan, works, factory, refrigeration, low cadre work or services, physical and hard work of all kinds, glass or tile factories, metaphysics, philosophy, gardener, lead astronomy,  agriculture, footwear etc are professions from strong planet Saturn.  Research studies, big machines, their manufacturers or trade, leather goods nuclear setups, knowledge of import and poisonous drugs. It has special tang for everything foreign. These are professions from strong Rahu. Career astrology predicts professions from strong planet Ketu for computers, exports, mathematics, statistician, high accuracy small machines spiritualism, terrorism and trading of animals or their body parts. Astrology offers numerous solutions and remedies for career advancement from knowing best time to progress, best prospects and best suited career choices.


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