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Career Astrology

Astrological Tips to Become a Doctor

The moment a student graduates to Class XI, they are ushered with multiple questions as to what do they want to become in their career. Parents on other hand try all means to counsel and convince so as to understand   what is the field that the child wants to opt as a career. According to career astrology online this is very important, since a child will only prosper and grow where his heart wishes, if he is forced to take up a career – fifty percent of his enthusiasm and motivation dies down.
The career of a child is decided by firstly his wish to study the subject and secondly his horoscope. We have the blessing of career astrology online, which helps us to determine which area is better for us. Astrologers study the Graha and Nakshatra positions in the horoscope and advise us the most promising career.
We should remember that astrologers only guides us and shows us the path, the rest depends on the motivation and hard work invested by the candidate.
According to career astrology, if the planetary effect on different part of the horoscope is focussing on lagan, laagnesh, the 10th house and on dasmeesh, this supports the profession of doctor or engineer. The position of different planets in rashi can also help in choosing better carrier in better way.
Suggestion by career astrology online states the 5th place can be considered as normal academics and if the planetary position shows 9th place it indicates higher studies. It is imperative to also check which leader in positioned in the 5th place, and also check the which leader or planet is positioned in the 9th house 
Also one important aspect to be noted in the horoscope is the nawaansh, the leader of tenth place is located in which position?  Astrologers can easily check the person’s income seeing the position in the third place 
Astrology immensely helps us to know how and what we should do to enhance further studies .For eg if in individual horoscope guru is more effective than an individual will be a doctor, writer ,or will be in food department .If in an horoscope guru is weak then an individual will be a homeotherapist , Ayurveda doctor. If the guru is more powerful then he will do study of M.B.B.S.
If in horoscope the yog of mangal planet together with  guru( Brihaspati)  is good then the person  will prosper in the study of surgery, or if the yoga of sun is best then he /she will do study of eye specialist or sonography, or if it is with shukra then Gynaecologist, or Psychiatric. If in the horoscope the Yog is with Rahu then the person will prosper as an Orthopaedic surgeon.
It is believed that if the position of the planets is not good than there are chances the career will not prosper and go for a toss. It is advised that we worship the planets and donate that helps wade off negativity. Choosing a career of a medical practitioner is not easy but not impossible as well. We can attain anything we want in life –the oly thing required is dedication and belief in oneself.

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