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An unholy time to marry

An unholy time to marry; sun and jupiter marriage time period

Best time to marry is a big decision for the girl and boy. It is a necessary criterion which stays in a marriage forever. In this aspect one can know much about their marriage success and choose best time to marry leaving out unholy time and dates. Many Astrological elements including horoscopes provide detail on how to get married in right time and to right person. Following are few of the aspects which would deliver advice to person on his/her marriage from Astrology;
Planetary positions signifying marriage and muhuratas
Jupiter is one of the best planets to study in the benefit of strength as per astrology. It signifies relevance to most important aspect to person career and life – generosity, expansion, higher learning, education and additions. Vedic Astrology is becoming more significant with learning new advice. This is about transiting Jupiter at good time for fortune, mostly in marriage time, related celebrations, strength and positive alignments. Most good times are considering an auspicious marriage when Jupiter is super strong. Sun is also a strong planet, with its heat and aura, it considers from any planetary position in contact with itself which makes the planet combustible. This implies that this planet is close to Sun and is losing ability for some-time.
Reiterated conclusion to Vedic insights close enough like when Jupiter and sun are close are all postulations which give providence to astrological advice.
Understanding Kamuhurata?
When the sun is transiting like through zodiac signs which are ruled by Jupiter or when Jupiter is going through a zodiac sign which is ruled by sun than the days or time period is known as Kamuhurata. This time is clearly not favourable or inauspicious for any weddings, celebrations or even auspicious occasions. Within this time period you yourself do not like to support any positive planet movement which implies a period of unknown misfortune in the end.
Jupiter ruling Zodiac Sign under Sun’s transition
From the time period in a calendar year 17th December 2014 to 14th January 2015 is under the Kamuhurata time of the year. This time which is also called Dhanarak is when Sun is transiting through Jupiter sign which is Sagittarius. This is an unholy time period for getting marriages made or take/give proposals. With a similar way ahead for studying planet position, when Sun is transiting from Zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter for example Pisces, this period is inauspicious in undertaking weddings. This period of time also called Meenarak is in near future which will extend from mainly 15th March to 14th April 2015. This time is also unfavourable for getting news, views or undertaking anything related to marriage(s). 
Planet Jupiter travels through the Zodiac sign under Sun
In a similar vein when planet Jupiter is about to get through Zodiac sign Leo it is being ruled by Sun then both planets are to lose strength and power considerably. This is also called as Simhastha Guru period of time. Since Jupiter is a slow moving planet it should be taking a long time than Sun to complete travel through a sign.  As of now the planet Jupiter or Guru is seen to be travelling by Cancer and from July 2015 onwards it should move to Leo the sign which is ruled by Sun! This is a transitory phase from a whole year or period from 14th July 2015 would be misfortune period for most marriages till 2016.
The days which are around the Hindu festival of Holi in March are inauspicious for many things including any celebrations or marriage. This time of ten or fifteen days is called Holashtak. Under astrological horoscope predictions from 25th February to 5th March 2015 the period is unsuitable for marriage prospects, proposals or undertaking.
The planet Venus
The important aspect of Venus planet signifying love and relationships moving from one sign is considered inauspicious for many problems and situations. When it is a weaker state then that time is considered to be inauspicious for holding marriages or related functions.
Finding wedding fortune times
There is always the opportunity to get hold of a wedding Muhurata which is possible by acute astrology prediction. The practitioner can consider constellations, eclipse in past period and other planetary position to ascertain the best time for marriages.  For finding the lucky muhuratas in marriage, best period to consult for wedding, celebration then knowing which planet or constellations to avoid can be advantageous.

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