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10 Things to Know about a Cancerian Men

The one who are born between June 20- July 22 falls under the Zodiac-‘Cancer’, symbolizes by ‘Crab’ representing the ‘Water’ element.
For a positive, nurturing and a smooth relationship, one needs to understand the character traits of a Cancerian Men. The traits which are innate and which are easily acquired by them throughout their life should be understood in detail. Below are the lists of ten things which will help in achieving good relationship with Cancerian Men and would help it sustain for times to come.
  • They are shy and reserve, they mostly like to keep things to themselves and take time to open up to those people whom they trust. Hence if you need to win them, win their trust.
  • They like to be in love as they are very affectionate people but seldom know how to express their feelings and find it hard to show their emotions to some one they love.
  • Every one has vulnerable sides, especially for a Cancerian Men they do not like to expose their weaknesses and would try to cover off their vulnerabilities. The person trying to win them should not ever try to expose them of their week areas.
  • For them love is eternal and pure for which they take time falling in love as they are apprehensive, cautious , hesitant and want to ensure that their lady love is their perfect match before they are ready for a dive. For them the opposite attracts and they like a woman who is confident, strong and fearless.
  • Their smile is contagious which makes them attractive, often they have a strong muscular body structure and a radiating skin tone.
  • They are not very good in terms of stress management as they would get demotivated and stressed frequently. This often affects their health and causes imbalance in their digestion, gastric disorders. Hence it is often advised that they should take short breaks or vacations, exercise , long walks and take other remedial steps to de-stress themselves.
  • They often like to get pampered with gifts, surprises, weekend getaways, movies and other entertaining activities which takes their attention away from the point of stress and makes them happy.
  • For a Cancerian Men , there is no easy money or quick money as they seldom make money through get quick rich schemes. For them, the money comes when they work hard in their profession be it an entrepreneur or a teaching job. 
  • They are very particular on their things, such as family, vocation, love life , cars and their other possessions in life. They would do anything to get back their lost ones or would go extra mile to win their lost love and does not give up on love and friend ship easily.
  • Ego is some thing that they can not stand. They do not like women who have high egos but like some one who are more humble and pays respect.

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