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Aries Virgo Love Compatibility

In the beginning, a love relation between an Aries and a Virgo may appear very weird and it will look like they have nothing in common. It may not seem very interesting and enjoyable to each other. But, as the relationship evolves, both the signs try and learn about each other and their interests. Aries and Virgo are the exact opposite in characteristics and beliefs.

Aries is very dominating and spontaneous while Virgo is a shy and very slow is making decisions. Aries ever bubbling energy surprises Virgo. At the same time, Aries is totally new to the timid characteristics of Virgo.  Once they understand each other beyond these differences, there will be a very enjoyable love relationship. 

Between these couples, the love compatibility will be very less in the beginning. The difference of opinions, the difference in tastes and preferences may be great hurdles in the beginning of their relationship. Once they are mature enough to handle those situations, there can be no further problems. Also, they can learn a lot from each other.

Leo can show Aries the importance of patience and the importance of attention to every detail.  Aries can teach Leo about how to make life very adventurous and memorable. Virgo can also take the valuable advice of Aries in leading a stress free life. To know the marriage compatibility between these two signs, any famous astrologer can be consulted.

The power planets of Aries and Leo are Mars and Mercury respectively.  Astrology describes both these signs as two very different characteristics. They need to be stay more focussed on the relationship and the goal and not get carried away by their differences.

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