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Aries Leo Love Compatibility

It will be a very colourful and enjoyable relationship when Aries & Leo turn into a love couple. As both are astrological signs for Fire, their passion and flaming enthusiasm keeps their relationship very interesting. They would like to compete with each other in a healthy way. There can never be a calm or dull day in this love relationship. Most of the times, the problems occur due to the ego between them. When they try to dominate each other, the situation becomes even worse. Hence, both of them should know when to give and receive commands from their partner.

In this love relationship, there is more action and ego among these two. Although, this attribute will be nullified by the large amount of respect they have for each other. Despite all the egos and dominating features, both of them have great respect for each other. Aries feels Leo as a soul companion and a mentor. This is more like the myth of the Lion and the Lamb, here Leo is the Lion and Aries is the Lamb, where they are perfectly capable of overcoming their differences.

Though the marriage compatibility is not very positive like the other couples, their respect for each other keeps the relationship alive. Astrology refers to them as the zodiac signs of Fire. Thus, this love relationship is full of hot passion and ego. According to Astrology, the ruling powers of these signs are planet mars and Sun. The powers these planets make a very good love combination. 

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