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Aries Cancer Love Compatibility

The saying, “Opposite poles attract each other”, holds true when an Aries and Cancer come into a Love relationship. Aries always act instantly and spontaneously without much hesitation in anything at all. But, Cancer is very calm and emotional type. Be it with a friend or family, Cancer do not move along easily. For Cancer, the spur of the moment act by Aries can be quite intimidating. And Aries feels the same about the sensitive state of Gemini.

As both the signs attributes are opposite to each other, there are lot of possibilities for arise of arguments and fights. But, if they sit down and speak the heart out and let the partner understand about themselves, they can easily solve many relationship problems. The Horoscope of Aries – Cancer will have good prospects. But you can meet an Astrologer to know more about their marriage compatibility. 

In Astrological sense, Cancer and Aries are the signs of Home and Self. One of the major common features among these two sign is that, they try to guard their partners in all situations. Cancer people are like the crabs in the shell, where the shell indicates the protective shield cancer uses to protect their loved ones. This protective nature may overshadow the independent space for Aries. Also, Aries must try and listen to Cancer, as Cancer’s instincts can make a lot of difference. 

Astrology describes as; the Planet Mars and the Moon are the two ruling powers of Aries and Cancer respectively. Aries is the Soldier who acts on the battlefield and Cancer is the strategy planner who never comes to the battlefield. Together, they can accomplish many things and also they can learn a lot from each other.  

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