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Aries Aquarius Love Compatibility

The love relationship between an Aries and an Aquarius will be very interesting and inventive. Aries enthusiasm and Aquarius’ thinking makes their life more than interesting. They are a typical example for the statement that zodiac signs far apart have a strong connection. There will be a very good understanding between both of them and they can be very good friends than lovers. Aquarius is more like a mirror image of Aries as both of them are very interested in new things and adventures in life. Life is never boring for both of them, they keep themselves well entertained.

The love compatibility of this love relationship between these two signs is mainly based on the admiration and respect both of them hold for each other. Aquarius is admired for its distinctive thinking and Aries is respected by Aquarius for its ever bubbling energy. Although both the signs require independence, sometimes, possessiveness may overshadow their personal space. Inspite of all the common qualities, they do have different approached towards life. Due to these differences, this love couple may score low in the marriage compatibility.

But once they try to give more importance to the relationship than all the differences, there will no issues in the love relationship. In Astrology terms, the ruling planet of Aries is Mars and for Aquarius, it is Saturn and Uranus.  The futuristic vision and forecasting mind comes from Saturn while it receives its socialising quality from Uranus. Mars brings in a perfect blend of passion and energy to make this relationship very fascinating.

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