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Aquarius - Taurus


A Taurus is simple and full of lust while the Aquarius is very versatile and accepts life as it comes. Both these traits are very stubborn in nature and this tends to lead to incompatibility when it comes to their relationship. The Aquarius is non committal towards relationship while the Taurus is extremely passionate. This therefore does not augur well when it comes to their relationship hence the incompatibility. In order to know how to tame this hard headed bull you should access Love Compatibility Service for concise and to the point answers to all your love questions.

How compatible is the Aquarius Man to the Taurus Woman
Both these zodiac personalities are very stubborn hence reducing their chances for relationship compatibility. The Taurus woman stands to learn different aspects of life from her Aquarius partner who is very knowledgeable in this regard.  The Taurus woman tends to resist change while the Aquarius is the most progressive of all zodiac personalities. This therefore is not a match that can last due to the different personality traits portrayed by both parties. 

The Compatibility of the Aquarius Woman to the Taurus Man
This two zodiac parties do not appeal to each other at first sight. They are not physically attracted to each other when they meet. The compatibility of both these parties does not rate well on the match well on the compatibility table as the Taurus man is an orthodox thinker unlike his Aquarius counterpart who is a radical thinker. Both will try and impose their ways of thought upon the other and this tends to lead to negative results and a battle of the wills.

If this does not answer your questions regarding your compatibility with your loved one, then do not hesitate to look at your birth chart and get all the answers to your love questions. The answers are 100% full proof. Don’t take a chance…..Ask a Love  compatibility Question.

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