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Aquarius - Leo

 This is not a bad pairing of zodiac personalities. Both have big egos that need to go for the relationship to work as their attraction to one another is really good.  The physical attraction appears in the case of the Leo while the Aquarius has the confidence and intellect. These two may not have a lot in common but they are fairly compatible. The Leo’s sense of pride may wane due to the flak nature of the Aquarius. If you are looking to connect with a Leo for life then you are in luck. Our 2013 Love and Marriage Prospects report will show you the favorable planetary conditions that can help forge this bond and ensure success in your relationship.

The Compatibility of the Aquarius Man and the Leo Woman
This relationship is a burden to the Aquarius man while the Leo woman is busy trying to thrill him and therefore does not make for a good match up. The Aquarius man is sarcastic in nature while the Leo woman is full of criticism. They both need to shed their armor and show each other love and affection. Their opposite nature can show these couple the different things there are to see in life.

The Compatibility of the Aquarius Woman and the Leo Man
Fr this relationship to prosper, the Leo man has to respect the lady’s liberties and need to be discreet while she needs to understand his desire for intimacy. Both parties are intimate in nature and this works out well for the relationship. They both have unique talents that allow for them to cherish what they have in life.  The Aquarius woman has a lot of concern for what goes on around the world while the Leo man is more concerned about his own problems. This means that though the relationship could start well, it might end up in shambles.
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