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Aquarius - Capricorn

A Capricorn is an industrious and judicial person by nature. The Capricorn is very down to earth and has a flare for the creative. The Aquarius type is quick to respond and focuses on whatever scenario presents itself. When these to zodiacs complement each other then their relationship has chances of flourishing. They however tend to disagree over the smallest of issues and the only way their relationship can survive is if they try and ignore the negative aspects of each partner. If you are in need of more advice regarding your Capricorn partner, then you are in the right place. Try out our ‘Love Ask A Question’ Service and get accurate answers about your love match as we guide you through your love pursuit using the Cosmos. 

The Compatibility of the Aquarius Man and the Capricorn Woman
This relationship is based on friendship rather than on love. The Aquarius man is a very social creature and l will socialize with anyone and everyone. He loves to party and go out as well as take long drives to just for fun. This may annoy the Capricorn woman who is by nature an introvert and is very ethical while at the same time still being down to earth. The relationship chart shows these two as having a fair chance of surviving their relationship and can be successful if they are ready to complement each other as well forgive any issues in their relationship. This match will enjoy a comfortable relationship if they adhere to the above.

The Compatibility of the Aquarius Woman to the Capricorn man
The Capricorn man is always very considerate of his female partner. He does not take sides and is a studious and straightforward person. An Aquarian woman will always stand by her man even in precarious situations as she is a very confident person and has the ability to fight back even in dangerous situations. The Capricorn man likes these traits and is attracted to her. If this  couple use their minds so as to avoid any issues, then their relationship can rise to the top and excel. They stand a fair chance in their relationship and can succeed. 
Love is walking on the same path as your partner and having the same beliefs and ideas. So as to enhance your compatibility with your partner, you should visit our Kundali Matching Service so as to have a partner with whom you can share everything and live in perfect harmony with. You can be a match made in heaven. 

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