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Aquarius - Cancer

Aquarians love their freedom and will experiment when it comes to love. The Aquarians are stubborn and the Cancer will not be able to tolerate their stubbornness. Zodiac Cancers look for security and warmth from the Aquarius, but their (Aquarians) secretive nature will tend to make the Cancers uncomfortable.  Aquarians will tend to detach themselves from family as they pursue new ideas. Unlike the Aquarians, the cancers have very strong ties to their families. This therefore may not be the best match up. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship with your Zodiac Cancer partner visit our “Love Ask a Question “service to get a clear understanding of your partner and get all your questions answered.

 The Compatibility of the Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman
The Aquarius mans traits are different from the Cancer woman’s traits and this may bring issues within the relationship. The Cancer woman has a great need for security and love while the Aquarius man is a free spirit and this therefore is not a good mix for the relationship. This relationship can therefore only be salvaged by a marriage bond by the Cancer woman to an intellectual Aquarius man. The key here is to bring together the emotions of the woman and the intellect of the man.

 The Compatibility of the Aquarius Woman and the Cancer Man
This is not a good match. The Cancer man tends to be emotional and clingy and this wouldn’t match with the realistic and indecisive behaviors of the Aquarius woman. The Cancer man’s tendency to be hesitant in decision making is something that will annoy the kind and amiable Aquarius woman. Though she has a lot of friends, the Aquarius woman enjoys isolation as these friends are just trophy friends.  What she seeks is a partner who is not as insecure as the Cancer man.

If you are trying to rope in that Aquarius female, then look at our Love and Marriage prospects report so as to have a deeper understanding as to when you will meet with your life partner.

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