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Aquarius - Aquarius

An Aquarian is an independence personality and this search for independence tends to make them detached from the world around them. They are known to make many friends but very few amongst those are close, genuine friends. Aquarians tend to have a different personality and a different outlook towards life. Their love may be deep and full of passion but to them commitment is a bit of a heavy term to use. An Aquarian can provide exhilarating company full of fun and excitement but they tend to overlook some of the more sensitive sides of life. The bond with an Aquarian can be very interesting. If you want to know more about your Aquarian partner, visit our ‘Astrovalley Services and learn a lot more about your Aquarian partner. You will receive accurate and customized answers to all your questions through the analysis of your birth chart.

The Compatibility of the Aquarius Man to the Aquarius Woman
The Aquarius believes in providing all the comfort and freedom to their partner. As both these signs are the same, they will enjoy each other’s company. Both enjoy exploring new places and engaging in adventures as well as discussions based on every aspect of life. They pay attention to each other but are not very intimate with each other. These couple can be compatible if they treat each other right.
If you are looking to forge a bond with your Aquarian partner and are not sure how to go about it, then let us shed some light by visiting our Love and Marriage Prospects 2013 to get an accurate analysis of your birth chart.

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