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  • Monthly Horoscopes Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2015-10-30: 12:11 pm IST

    Career horoscope for Cancer

    The cancer is the fourth zodiac sign of Career Astrology, which is favored through the month October 2015. For Cancer careers stars foretell it is not necessary to start own business or change from work/career. There is less need for natives to actualize these goals while it is better to focus on pressing problems..... read more

  • Monthly Horoscopes Marut Singh Bisht 2015-10-29: 1:01 pm IST

    Build career with Taurus horoscope

    Taurus is having a great month in October 2015. Especially with a career they would see many ups and downs. Career prospers on own and the goals are attained fairly easily. New workers might join to enhance your status. Job seekers would have wonderful success in this period, though Mercury aspects would need to be worked through..... read more

  • Monthly Horoscopes Nitin Sachdeva 2015-10-30: 1:11 pm IST

    Education horoscope for Taurus

    Taurus is the bull sign and the second of the zodiac signs. In the month of October 2015 the celestial alignments are conducive to students to remain focused on studies. Students likely get their abilities to memorize things satisfactorily. This is a favorable phase and students must study as much as they can. Some of the students might face emotional turmoil affecting their ability to focus on studies. Thus memorizing lessons are likely a tough task. .... read more

  • Monthly Horoscopes Marut Singh Bisht 2015-10-30: 1:20 pm IST

    Gemini money horoscope

    Gemini being the third zodiac sign would receive a special money horoscope for October 2015. From October 2015 the month shows Mars and Venus in retrograde in house by performing with challenging obligations which cause issues for them. For better performance they must arrange and assess aspects gradually concentrating on most essential ones. For Gemini this  month the possibilities of success are greater even if the psychic stress is large. Jupiter and Uranus combination guarantees possibilities for unique, development, marketing or reputation. In this month Gemini would need to make choices financially..... read more

  • Monthly Horoscopes Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2015-10-29: 1:03 pm IST

    Gemini Love and relationships

    Gemini is a grand third zodiac sign and for October 2015 it has a special significance in love and relationships. October month does not particularly signify the gods of love to be active, with Sun returning in November sparking an annual relationship review. The Sun always spends first three weeks of October in romantic sector, this time also when love gods get their turn in general. Though Saturn in the relationship sector till end of 2017 brings Gemini to start a powerful relationship journey, one which they are in training for many months. Saturn returned to the relationship sector since 1988, spending six months before retrograding back out in mid June..... read more

  • Monthly Horoscopes Acharya Dinesh Sharma 2015-10-29: 1:04 pm IST

    Gemini horoscope

    Gemini the third of zodiac sign is experiencing great upliftment in career for October 2015! This is so as many career problems being experienced by Gemini would be on the back burner this month. Their relations with coworkers will improve significantly. The thought of changing jobs is welcome and if pursued with safety, it can have its rewards..... read more

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