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Cancer And the Moon sign

Cancer And the Moon sign
Moon in Cancer is a delicate sensitivity, which might be well hidden out of protection. They demand more from those they love while also testing other people’s loyalty without having to reveal their own feelings. Moon in cancer causes these natives to get their striking depth of feeling and imagination. These native find a sense of intimacy and warm affection in their friends or romantic partner. Every encounter is meaningful giving worth to their relationships.
For when Moon is in Cancer the natives feel life experience is an emotional impression and held on forever. Their powerful memories can be woven into story, music and art in a way which pulls at heartstrings of audiences or loved ones. Though the dark side is that they would nurture a wound for long time and sometimes keep one foot firmly rooted in past. They need solitude to calm turbulence in emotional moods they experience or pick as psychic sponge from others. When all these aspects are there they would be emboldened to show their true strength.
Those with the Moon in Cancer refill the well at home, and need a solid base of unflagging support. Life with such a complex soul as the Cancer Moon is bound to be both challenging and exquisitely rewarding. Their ideal mate understands that they’re both strong and sensitive. There is wild fluctuation between the two extremes. These natives would win trust if provided shelter when they’re vulnerable.

The Moon in Cancer, makes them one of the most emotionally-charged signs. These natives find it easy to tap into feelings and the feelings of those around them. Dating a fellow Cancer Moon can create a lifetime of a nurturing and caring partnership. Dreamy Pisces natives,  more inward Scorpio natives also make a match, while the brazen Leo, in a brazen approach to self-expression, may prove too much to emotionally bear.

They have a delightful sense of humor that borders on the loony and can be amazingly funny. They may behave erratically at times, but they have a unique angle on life. They are also very affectionate and protective. When they feel understood, they return the feelings of tenderness and warmth in abundance. They are creative and sensitive. They are vulnerable to the influence of those they spend time with. It may be difficult for them to express their own opinions, rather than just reflect those around them.

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